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Infrared Illuminators

Infrared Illuminators, also called IR illuminators, are illumination devices that produce Infrared light. IR illuminators are widely used with security cameras to offer greater visibility at night. The IR light is invisible to you and me but a true day/night security camera uses a IR cut filter which enables the camera to see the IR light and provide incredible clarity even in pitch black environments. Unfortunately most of the IR illuminators on the market today produce a horrible spotlight effect that gives great lighting in the middle of the image but then fades to almost complete darkness along the outer edges of the image. We have chosen not to carry those and instead carry only "high fidelity" IR illuminators. This means that the IR light that is produced is evenly spread allowing for excellent visibility throughout the entire image.

If you have any questions about these IR illuminators please do not hesitate to call one of our Infrared illuminator experts. We can get the details of your application and recommend the right IR illuminator for your needs.