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Solar Security Camera Systems

Solar Security Camera Systems

Sometimes location and power limitations do not allow for typical power set-up. Some security needs are where direct or plugged in power aren’t available. With our solar security systems, we make all of those things possible. Use the infinite power of the sun to overcome hard to reach places and secure them with our high-end cameras. Perhaps you need a system that is more green and economical in the long run. Whatever your need or use, A1 Security Cameras has the right tool for your security need.

We understand your need to protect your property. Call us today to find out how we can help you customize your system.

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Contact us for a price
A1 Solar SS-M12D-AV9
Contact us for a price
  • 3.1 Color / 1.3 B/W Dual Sensor Megapixel Day/Night Camera
  • Long Range NLOS None Line of Sight Network Radio Link (Master/Client)
  • 100% Stand Alone Solar Powered System with 10 Day Battery Reserve
  • Includes SD Card Slot for Local Recording
  • Includes Speaker and Microphone for Two Way Audio Communication
  • I/O input included for customized applications**
  • Weatherproof Construction/Design
  • Rated For Solar Regions 3.0 and above as is.