The benefits of Sony security equipment

Sony is one of the leading security cameras providers on the market and offers proven expertise in the security industry. The company prides itself on the usability of its products, and invites new users to incorporate versatile video monitoring systems into their home security plans. Within this carrier, there are many different technologies that users can take advantage of to meet their surveillance needs.

Security cameras
Sony cameras integrate high-quality devices with remote monitoring capabilities. Users can add video recorders to these cameras for high functionality and customizability.

Video recorders
Sony offers two different types of HSR series recorders, but both have convenient, customizable features. With a built-in network interface, users can program motion detection, recording and other integration technologies on their monitoring devices.

If homeowners or business owners choose systems with multiple cameras, Sony’s LCD monitors can help make viewing security footage easier and more accessible. With exceptional performance, picture reproduction, picture quality and a slim design, Sony monitors provide a great solution for all video monitoring needs.

CCD image sensors
CCD image sensors are one of Sony’s most highly acclaimed features. These small sensors offer exceptional image sensitivity and high definition resolution without the larger space constraints of standard definition sensors. Charged-coupled devices, which contain a grid of millions of tiny capacitors, convert light into a pattern of electronic charges that can be used in silicon chips. This causes a photoelectric effect that generates more intense absorption at each capacitor for an increased charge. With this technology, Sony cameras are able to generate additional image data for enhanced video capabilities.

Video encoders
Sony video encoders allow homeowners to incorporate IP video solutions into analog closed circuit television systems. This allows users to have control over their networks for enhanced monitoring capabilities.

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  1. I was using Sony before. I had it replaced with Panasonic but this post made me think if I should use them again.

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