CCTV cameras are a great ally for protecting a business

Posted on March 13th, by Richard Davis in Video Surveillance. 1 Comment

Business owners looking for ways to secure their properties have many options available that can help protect people and valuables from intruders. While security cameras are traditionally the most popular option, many people may not be aware of CCTV cameras and the unique features this method of security can offer.

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, cameras produce surveillance recordings in the form of digital stills or video footage.  Unlike broadcast television equipment, CCTV cameras send a signal to sets of monitors without transmitting the signal openly or publicly. While equipment of this nature was traditionally used in banks, airports, at ATMs and in military facilities, businesses in different fields have begun to implement the technology to their benefit as well.

This equipment can trigger instant alerts when suspicious events occur, which can help deter crime and vandalism and protect people from potentially dangerous situations. Installing CCTV cameras in a business can help in the following situations:
- They allow for continuous monitoring of the space
- They keep crucial video footage that can be used as proof if an investigation should occur
- They record unacceptable employee behavior and can help managers keep track of incidents
- They keep vital business documents safe from falling into the wrong hands
- They make the business a less desirable target for intruders who are afraid of getting caught
- They help provide a clear picture of an intruder’s face that can help police officials identify a suspect
- They can prevent injury in certain situations by allowing an individual to monitor the area for risky activity
- They keep track of everyone who enters and exits a building, which can aid in misconduct or theft investigations

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