Comparing CCTV and IP cameras

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Internet protocol (IP) cameras and closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are two of the most common types of cameras used in video surveillance. As two of the most popular camera models available, IP and CCTV cameras both offer a high level of protection, security and peace of mind. To figure out which models are right for a home or business, the first step is understanding how these two systems function and the unique benefits that each provides to video surveillance.

IP cameras
According to Axis Communications, IP surveillance systems give users the ability to record and monitor video that is streamed over an internet protocol-based computer network, like the World Wide Web or a local area network. Network cameras – or analog cameras with integrated video encoders and servers – are connected with a network switch and computer to allow the management and storing of video and related software. Unlike other systems that use one-directional signal carriers to stay connected, the networked system functionalities of IP surveillance systems are bi-directional. They can be integrated into a larger system that affords the ability to send audio, video and related data to and from doors, alarms, cameras and other equipment and provide comprehensive surveillance to the property.

IP cameras hold a benefit over analog video systems because they do not use the same point-to-point analog cabling solutions to transmit information from the camera to the computer or monitor that records the footage. These systems allow digitized video and audio to be streamed to any location around the world, so long that it is connected to a wired or wireless IP network. IP cameras are a great option for home or business surveillance because their feeds can be monitored and recorded from anywhere one can access the internet. When users travel for extended periods of time, they enjoy this great feature that allows them to view a high quality image and make sure everything is safe and secure back home.

CCTV cameras
CCTV technology has two main functions: It can be used in cameras that produce video recordings or those that produce digital still images. CCTV systems can use wired or wireless channels to transmit audio and visual information, and both are commonly used for video surveillance purposes. For users who are interested in producing still images in addition to video footage, CCTV cameras pose a benefit over IP cameras.

In wired CCTV systems, a coaxial cable (for video) and copper wires (for audio) connect the cameras with the viewing monitors. The necessary signals are transmitted through these wires to the monitor screen, or a multiplexer screen if an individual is watching more than one feed at a given time. When the camera and monitor are located within close proximity of one another, wired systems can be very beneficial. When the wires are installed in the walls of the property, they are very difficult to tamper with, which makes it harder for intruders to disable the system.

Wireless CCTV systems are growing in popularity as a viable, secure method of surveillance. Rather than using cables to stay connected, wireless systems are equipped with radio transmitters at both the camera and monitor end. These radio transmitters are able to transmit information from the camera to the monitor, where the video feed can be watched in real time. Wireless systems are beneficial when a user has many areas they’d like to monitor, but all are not within range to be hardwired into the property. For home or business owners who relocate frequently, wireless systems can also easily be moved and installed into the new location without needing to be hard wired in place.

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  1. A CCTV camera requires software and hardware component generally while an IP camera is integrated with all the additional tools and does not require any additional installations.

  2. Hello. Thanks for this info, this will help a lot of people to make their decisions in easy way I really appreciate it and I wanna read and increase my knowledge more.

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