Four benefits of megapixel security cameras

As security camera systems morph to meet the surveillance needs of 21st century businesses, suppliers are integrating new technologies to create the best equipment possible. Cameras with more megapixels – units of high graphic resolution – have become one of the largest trends in the security and surveillance industry, as they provide many benefits to customers over traditional cameras.

High resolution
Just as more megapixels improve the image quality of photographs taken by cameras, megapixels improve the quality of the video images taken by surveillance cameras. This higher resolution can generate an image that is up to four times better than those that were created in the past. With at least 1280 x 1024 pixels of resolution, megapixel security cameras can also monitor a larger area than standard CCTV cameras. While coaxial-based CCTV cameras are also limited to PAL/NTSC resolution, megapixel cameras are popular because they do not hold the same restriction.

Added convenience
One of the largest benefits of megapixel cameras is their convenient adoptability. Users can plug the equipment into an existing IP network and then have the ability to view crystal clear footage remotely from anywhere in the world.  This digital capability gives users added peace of mind that their properties will be safe and secure when they are not able to be there, and will catch any suspicious activity that takes place after hours.

More affordable
Although the equipment itself may be a little more costly than traditional security or CCTV cameras, the upkeep and installation costs of megapixel cameras is much less expensive. As the IP network is already established, the user will have very low installation costs, if any at all. These services can traditionally cost thousands of dollars, which many users would prefer to put towards the best equipment on the market.

Zooming capabilities
If an incident occurs and law enforcement personnel need to review surveillance footage, megapixel cameras give them the advantage of being able to zoom in on peoples’ faces or other parts of the scene. These images are still generated in high resolution, meaning they will create a clearer picture that is more useful to help identify a suspect. Important details – like facial features or license plate numbers – are not lost in the process, which will give authorities more leverage to catch and prosecute a suspect.

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