Security tip of the week-Landscaping

Using proper landscaping techniques can help homeowners keep their properties secure and allow security cameras to capture every inch of the space.

Use thorny plants
Thorny vines and bushes add character to a landscape, but can also protect doors and windows from being broken-in to. Burglars will not be able to navigate around the exterior of a home as easily if they have to avoid painful prickly plants, especially those around second- or third-story windows. When an intruder is looking to stake out a home, plants with thorns do not make an ideal hiding place. If there is no good place to hide, a thief may decide to target a different property.

Cut back bushes
Many intruders try to use vegetation around the home as cover from residents or passersby. If bushes are extremely high or unruly, they will serve as a better hiding place than those that are shorter and well-trimmed. Low bushes allow neighbors and passersby to see the home from the street, which also acts as a crime deterrent. Burglars are less likely to target a visible home because it increases the chances that they will get caught. Even with security cameras installed, trespassers hiding behind bushes may escape detection. Keeping bushes trimmed back allows video surveillance systems to have a better view as well. If cameras have clear lines of site, it makes the job of law enforcement much easier.

Trim the trees
If there are trees close to the home with large, sturdy branches, thieves may try to use them to gain entrance into the property. If intruders believe they can access upper decks, patios and open windows by climbing a tree, they will likely take the risk. Help keep the residence safe from this type of entry by always cutting down large branches.

Avoid a hedge
Many homeowners may be tempted to plant a hedge around the perimeter of the property to maintain a sense of privacy and decrease street noise. However, this type of landscaping can compromise home security. Hedges make a great hiding place for intruders, and if an incident occurs in the home, neighbors will not be able to see or hear the problem. Instead of a hedge, consider installing a fence. There are many different types available on the market that offer valuable protection and peace-of-mind. For large properties, high fences with spaces between each post can allow the home to stay protected while still allowing neighbors to sense when something is wrong.

With a surveillance camera system, and observant neighbors, dedicated homeowners can lessen the likelihood of of a break-in. If something does happen, having a clear view of the premises is important, as is having a security camera system.  Just another helpful tip from your local security camera company-A1 Security Cameras; the first name in security.

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