Top 5 security tips to prevent home invasion during summer vacation

Posted on March 19th, by Richard Davis in Home Security. 1 Comment

Many people travel to visit family during the summer months, which leaves countless homes at risk of a break-in. While surveillance systems provide homeowners with peace of mind, taking easy precautions can also protect the residence from intrusion.

1.  Don’t leave notes on the door
If  a family member is expecting a package when all residents of the home are out of town, he or she should strongly consider having the delivery rescheduled. Having notes on the door or parcels on the doorstep for more than a few hours signals that the house is currently unoccupied, making it an easier target for burglars.

2. Adjust the telephone ring
When heading out of town, residents should adjust telephone ring volumes to the lowest possible setting. One way a burglar can test whether or not the home is occupied is by listening to the telephone ring. If the phone constantly gets picked up by the answering machine for a few days, intruders realize that the home is probably empty. Adjusting the volume to a lower setting will make the ring inaudible from the outside and help protect against intrusion.

3. Find clever hiding places
Seasoned burglars know where most people keep their valuable belongings and usually look in these places first when they enter a home. To keep prized possessions and important documents safe, residents should hide them in areas where burglars are unlikely to look. Rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms are less assuming than the master bedrooms or closets, and hiding valuables in these unusual places can keep them safe even if the home is broken in to. Consider temporarily using a safety deposit box for small heirlooms, jewelry or collections of small items.

4. Install extra dead bolts
Even when doors and windows are locked, they can still be opened by a skilled burglar. Installing deadbolts on doors or stoppers on window tracks can add a second line of security to the home’s entryways.

5. Remove spare keys from the premises
Many homeowners hide spare keys near the front or back door of the home in case they lock themselves out. Burglars are very familiar with traditional hiding places and know where to look for keys to gain entry into an empty home. Before going out of town, it is crucial to remove spare keys from their hiding places so intruders cannot easily get inside. To go hand in hand with these, make sure to keep lines of communication open with neighbors. A friendly helpful neighbor can be as helpful as any security system or surveillance. A good neighbor will go turn your lights on and off, check your mail and generally keep an eye out for you while you’re away.

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