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CCTV security camera systems are considered by some to be the most reliable type or surveillance system. When connecting a surveillance system, there is an instant video connection to the recorder or monitor. Compared to IP cameras which have to be configured individually, CCTV cameras make installation easy because they only need to be powered and connected. 

Maintaining CCTV systems is thought to be easier than an IP camera system because of the simplicity of the components. A system which shows static due to excess electricity can be easily fixed using a ground loop isolator. A video cable can be checked with a hand held spot monitor for checking connections. In a typical installation, a total of 3 wires is ran to the camera from a digital video recorder. One is for the transmission of video and the other two are for powering the camera using a positive and negative connector. 

CCTV systems can be cheaper than network security camera systems. Some surveillance systems require a more demanding camera which can be controlled remotely to zoom in and move from side to side. These types of cameras, called PTZ cameras, require an additional pair of cables to control the camera. In this case, our experts might recommend a balun for your system which will let you send video, power, and data on one network cable. This is good for those looking to run a clean connection between camera and recorder. Some recorders are more advanced. Samsung’s Coaxitron recorders, for example, are able to control PTZ cameras through coaxial cable. 

CCTV camera systems are used by prisons because the latency is significantly lower compared to IP systems. Gas stations use CCTV systems so if a customer claims they were returned an incorrect amount of change, a user can view the transaction at full speed and even slow it down. A different type of system called a hybrid system allows users to record both analog and IP cameras simultaneously. This lets users enjoy the benefits of using both systems together. Many pieces come together to form an effective security camera system. Everything from the type of connector to the type of DVR is considered when designing a system for our users. Let us help you design the right CCTV system for your application.