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IP Security Cameras

IP Security Cameras are the latest innovation in video surveillance. Unlike their predecessors, IP security cameras are digital. This allows for several benefits, resolution capabilities being the best. With all digital transmission, IP Security cameras are able to produce high definition video that was not possible with CCTV.

HD security cameras have revolutionized the industry, allowing for much greater clarity in recorded video. Network cameras have become more powerful. IP cameras have been built with powerful microprocessors which capture and compress high definition video. Since the video is ready for storage once it makes it to the recorder, it significantly reduces the amount of processing power an NVR needs to manage multiple cameras. Even though high definition video requires greater processing power, todays IP cameras handle most of the work so the recorder can focus on displaying and storing the megapixel video.

A single 1080p network camera replaces 6 standard resolution analog cameras. This means that if mounted side by side, it would take 6 analog cameras to produce the same image as one 1080p IP camera. IP cameras can be mounted indoor or outdoor using the right enclosure. Using a network PTZ camera means running only one cable and controlling it from the comfort of a computer chair using a mouse. An IP camera system can reduce the labor needed to maintain a system.

Because IP cameras are considered network devices, a network administrator can both configure and install a network camera system after a contractor runs cable. IP cameras have balanced out in price. Network cameras were thought to be unnecessary and expensive when they were first introduced. With the decrease in embedded circuit board cost has come a decrease in camera cost. High definition cameras are now beginning to appear similar in cost to traditional analog cameras.

We have a large variety of security cameras from over 20 manufacturers. It can often be overwhelming to know which IP security camera is best for your application, so please do not hesitate to call one of our IP security camera experts. We can recommend which IP security camera will work the best for your specific application.