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License Plate Capture Cameras

Messoa SCR515PRO
  • 24-hour Surveillance
  • Rain Guard/ Extendable Sunshield
  • Color Overview Functionality
Messoa SCR505
  • High Contrast Image
  • Powerful IR functionality and IR-corrected lens
  • High-power LEDs
License plate cameras are cameras which can extract numbers and letters from a license plate using infrared illuminators or ambient lighting. Most cameras are able to catch license plates during the day. Some security cameras even come equipped with long distance lenses for capturing license plates which are far away. The difference between a traditional security camera and a license plate camera can be seen at night. A typical security camera is unable to process the reflecting light bouncing off a license plate. Without infrared, a regular security camera will capture a poorly lit image with too much static. With infrared, it will be blinded by the infrared light being reflected off the license plate. License plates in most states are made with a reflective coating which allows law enforcement to easily identify a vehicle. A true license plate camera uses a high contrast image sensor and long distance infrared illuminators to extract sharp license video. Because it can capture images before or after a vehicle passes its field of view, LPR cameras are able to see through brake lights and headlights. Some license plate cameras are made for short distances and slow movement. These types of cameras might work for a residential gate or a parking garage where a barrier is present. Other locations like toll roads require a more demanding camera. High speed license plate cameras use slow shutter speed image sensors like the ones used in motorsports to capture images of cars moving faster than 45mph. With the advancement of the LPR camera, there has been an increase in demand for software which can not only capture a license plate but also store it in a database for future reference. More advanced license plate capture software can integrate with access control to combine vehicle information with an ID badge.