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Avalan Wireless AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8GHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge

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Avalan AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8 GHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge is the ideal solution for an easy to setup Long Range Wireless Network Link, The Avalan AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8GHz Network Bridge kit is fully integrated with radio and antenna and includes weather

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Avalan Wireless AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8GHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Avalan AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8 GHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge features the popular Avalan xTR series radio technology integrated with a high gain 23 dBi flat panel antenna. This provides a rugged, weatherproof and easily mounted combination wireless package for those applications that can benefit from the increased range and decreased interference that a directional signal system provides. The valan AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8 GHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge includes a built-in spectrum analyzer and is IP addressable with web browser based remote configuration and diagnostic tools included.

The Avalan AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8 GHz Outdoor Wireless Network Bridge delivers a LOS line-of-sight, PTP point-to-point solution out of the box and can be integrated into point to multi-point PTMP wireless Configurations. Connections support “fringe″ IP devices, including IP Network Security Cameras, IP access control readers, remote printers, remote PCs, VoIP phones, point-of-sale devices, digital signage or industrial control devices. The 5.8 GHz band provides more channels (58) and less interference when line-of-sight operation is possible. The system configuration can include up to 58 access points - each on its own non-overlapping channel and each serving up to 16 active clients.

The Avalan AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8GHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge provides the perfect replacement for modest data rate installations where 802.11 wireless network systems are under-performing or failing completely due to insufficient range or excessive interference. AvaLaN’s products offer the ideal combination of price, range, data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of-service, and a simple plug and play set up with minimal user programming required.

The key features of Avalan Wireless AW5800xTP-PAIR 5.8GHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge

  • 5.8 GHz
  • PTP point-to-point solution
  • Up to 16 active clients


(2) AW5800xTP Integrated Radio Antennas
(2) AW-POE Power Over Ethernet Injectors
(2) 110 VAC to 12 VDC power adapters

This product is also associated with:
Avalan Wireless

Avalan AW5800xTP-PAIR Specifications

  • 5.8GHz Wireless Line Of Sight Link
  • 128 bit AES encryption, FIPS 197 - NIST Certified
  • Remote diagnostics and link analysis with browser interface
  • Radio can be configured as an access point or client
  • Simple plug and play — minimal user programming required
  • Install up to 16 clients per access point
  • Can operate up to 58 access points, each on its own non-overlapping channel
  • Does not require an FCC license to operate or install
  • High RF output power provides maximum line-of-sight range.
  • Rugged weatherproof cast aluminum outdoor package
  • Line-of-sight range up to 40 miles with 23 dBi antenna
  • 10º antenna beam width
  • Available as individual radios for multi-point systems or as a pre-configured matched pair bridge

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