Axis Edge Storage

Axis Edge storage is, in essence, a decentralized surveillance system that works with Axis Companion. The primary purpose of Edge recording is to lessen the pressure on the network as well as maximizing storage space.

Decentralized storage works in this way: recordings are kept on a camera’s SD Card which is then accessed remotely. So, instead of having a centralized system where everything is connected to a video recorder, it’s all simply on the cameras themselves. Because SD card memory is getting bigger and bigger, cameras are able to record longer and longer lengths of footage before running out of memory.

Basically, whenever an alert is triggered the recording kicks in. The camera does not record when nothing is happening, or it records at very low image quality. The other way is that the footage is completely recorded, but it’s all on the camera so that the users must access it remotely to pick up what it has.

Axis Edge Storage

Axis Edge Storage Axis Edge storage time based on quality.

Jul 11th 2021 Matt B

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