​Axis OptimizedIR Technology

Axis OptimizedIR Technology

This technology is based on LED advancements made by Axis’s research and development team. It was specifically designed as a cost-efficient way to utilize Infrared vision in the Axis camera lineup. The end result was designed to be able to view things in low light and complete darkness. But, one might ask, aren’t a lot of cameras designed to see in the dark? What makes OptimizedIR so great?

To be fair to your suspicions, Axis’s OptimizedIR is not especially fancy with its functionality. It does see in the dark, and it does utilize Infrared LEDs to produce day/night images for users. Where does it really kick in? Well, it’s in the name: Optimized, IR.

Axis has managed to, essentially, squeeze out quality in its Infrared. For example, a lot of Infrared has a tendency to ‘wash out’ its image. It does this by casting too widely an illumination, shining light onto objects outside of interest, these whitened objects quickly muck up not only the image quality, but if they’re in the way of a point of interest, they screw up what you actually want to see. Conversely, if the Infrared is too limited, it will shroud much of the image in darkness. Dunno about you, but we tend to find that a lot of ghoulish things occur just on the fringes of a camera’s visibility.

Axis’s OptimizedIR basically finds a middle ground for these two issues. The angle of illumination made at the time of installation automatically adapts to any infrared needs. The exposure’s ability to adapt means that no part of the image is washed out. Even the pale form of Nosferatsu would have difficulty not being picked out by Axis’s OptimizedIR. See below for demonstrations.

​Axis OptimizedIR Technology
Aug 10th 2021 Matt B

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