Dahua – one of the frontiers in surveillance camera industry- recently announced storage saver smart H.265+ technology.

DAHUA Releases New 2MP PTZ Network Cameras

59230UNI Pro Series

49225TNI Pro Series

DAHUA Releases New 2MP PTZ Network Cameras

50230UNI-A Pro Series

52C230UNI-A Pro Series

6AE240VNI Ultra Series

Dahua – one of the frontiers in surveillance camera industry- recently announced storage saver smart H.265+ technology. They are releasing the new 2MP PTZ network camera series which also include this new technology. Three of them equipped with 30x optical zoom which allows to catch fine details at mid to long range distances. Addition to that, a mini PTZ model with 25x optical zoom and full of features is about the hit the markets. Also new Ultra series PTZ cameras delivers up to 40X optical zoom in both day and night, which is perfect for long distance night surveillance.

Dahua also stated that, “ Each model includes the latest H.265-ready codec for a 40-50% savings on bandwidth and storage vs. standard H.264. Additionally, the indoor/outdoor 59230UNI and 50230UNI-A offer Dahua’s optimized Smart H.265+ firmware for an even higher savings on bandwidth and storage. When compared to standard H.264, Smart H.265+ can save up to 70% of network bandwidth and subsequent storage costs by reducing transmission, bit rates, and storage capacity. The multi-pronged approach works by making reductions of useless or unimportant data wherever possible. As a result, high quality video is maintained without straining the network.

The new PTZs feature true wide dynamic range (120dB) for images with details that would otherwise be unseen due to harsh lighting. The camera sensor generates two images, one with a long exposure and one with a short exposure, so that the best images of the brightest and darkest areas of a scene are combined for a clear image in extreme conditions.

Producing clear images in dark applications can be a challenge for video security surveillance. To combat these challenges, the new Pro and Ultra Series 2MP PTZs offer Starlight technology. Featuring a high-performing sensor and special Dahua algorithms to capture images in low-light and no-light environments, Starlight technology provides crystal clear images in dark applications. Additionally, the 30x 59230UNI, 49225TNI, and 6AE240VNI (40x) cameras feature IR illumination making them suitable for scenes with low-light conditions.”

Additionally, all cameras are made with ONVIF standards which make them compatible with lots of network surveillance systems.

Sep 30th 2021 Seth Adams

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