Fisheye or Multi-imager: Which one is better for you?

Fisheye or Multi-imager: Which one is better for you?

As we suggested before, panoramic cameras are a rising trend in surveillance industry. By 2017, 8% of the whole security camera systems are using them.

Panoramic cameras divided into two main categories. Fisheye (one single ultra wide lens) or multi-imager (up to 8 lenses in one single unit). According to’s latest survey and article, 52% of the integrators prefer fisheye instead of a multi-imager.

Why more than half of the ingrators prefer fisheye? According to responses, lower price and lower bandwidth play an important role in this selection. In addition, dewarped images do not have any blind spots as the stitched images do which gives a better coverage of the surveillance area. Also fisheye cameras have much lower profiles that makes it easier to hide or use in areas with low ceiling such as stairs etc.

On the other hand, 37% of the integrators prefer multi imagers rather than fisheyes because, stitchedi images give better details than dewarped ones. Also more lenses means more pixels per foot which remarkably increases the picture quality.

Some integrators prefer both of them for different situations. Most of them say multi-imagers are great for outdoor and -high-resolution fisheye cameras are better for indoor.

To sum up, if you have enough money, a fast ethernet connection and the details are really important to you, multi-imagers are the best choice. In all other situations , a fisheye camera can satisfy your needs.


Jun 30th 2021 Seth Adams

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