Four reasons outdoor surveillance cameras are essential

Security camera systems are a great way to secure the exterior of a home, and homeowners can increase this security by choosing cameras with night vision technology. While many standard cameras may be able to capture footage during the darker hours, night vision cameras can produce a clearer picture of the area. This feature can help protect against nighttime intrusions, and also provide additional benefits to the homeowner.

They lighten the picture

Installing a camera with a night vision lens will allow homeowners to monitor the area more clearly than they would be able to with standard cameras. The technology used in night vision lenses creates a lighter picture than other security cameras, and some may even generate footage that looks like it was taken in daylight. This can be extremely helpful if an incident should occur at night and police are looking for a suspect.

They only have one lens

While many cameras utilize multiple lenses to get the desired picture, long-range night vision cameras only require one lens. This type of surveillance camera can cover a range of up to 200 feet during darkness, which makes it easier for individuals to manage its focal point and monitor the feed. The single camera will save homeowners time and money that is often spent on cameras with multiple lenses.

They produce their own light

Many night vision cameras include their own light source that is not visible to the naked eye. Technology like infrared allows the camera to monitor areas with little or no light. If night vision cameras had a visible beam of light, they would not be able to provide the stay hidden.

They can intensify an image

Using an objective lens, image intensifier technology is able to focus available light on the photocathode, according to How Night Vision Works. This light energy causes the cathode to release electrons that use an electric field to increase speed. The dense cluster of electrons generates an intensified interpretation of the actual image, which allows people to differentiate objects in the shot with greater clarity. For surveillance purposes, image intensifiers offer high-resolution pictures in low-light sensitivity, the ability to identify faces in the shot, and decreased electricity cost.

Feb 4th 2021 Richard

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