How to Log into the Office Security Camera System

  • Open Internet Explorer (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge WILL NOT WORK)

  • Editor's Note: Due to a change in the A1 Security Cameras office location, access to our security camera system is no longer possible at this time. We have decided to leave this blog available to readers, customers, and clients alike for educational purposes as it can be viewed as a basic walkthrough of how one would access their personal or commercial surveillance remotely.
How to Log into the Office Security Camera System
  • To enter, you must enter your company's IP address as in the image. If you are given a given IP address, you can check it on our Port Forwarding page.

  • Log in, you will see that it says you need to install a plug in. Click on that link and begin installaing the plug in. Click run and begin the installation process.

  • Once you click yes through the instllation process, it will finish and ask you to finish the program. Click finish.

  • Next click allow at the bottom of the screen and the page will refresh. Now you  should see black squares on the screen. 

  • You can now click on the black square in which you would like a security camera to  appear on and then click the camera icon that you would like to view.

You have now logged into the A1 security camera system at our office in Addison Texas. If you have any questions, email or give us a call at 214-948-1300.


Thank you!

Aug 11th 2022 BigCommerce

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