Latest Firmware Update For LTS DVRs

We are receiving so many phone calls and emails about how to update old LTS DVRs firmware. As A1 , our main goal is to keep our customers satisfied and happy. In this article you can find the solution for the latest firmware updates of various LTS DVRs. Please follow the instructions to update your LTS DVR's firmware.

1. For LTD9232T-FA , LTD9224T-FA, LTD8308T-FA, LTD8316K-ET, LTD8424T-FA, LTD8308T-ST, LTD8416T-ST or other models, please visit lts download page, scroll down the page or enter your DVR's model number in the search bar at the upper left of the page.
2. Unzip the file to a USB drive and plug to the DVR/NVR, Menu-Maintenance- upgrade, and select the firmware file.
3. Or you can upgrade the firmware remotely by login to the device by web browser. configuration-system-maintenance.

Feb 19th 2020 Seth Adams

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