Qnap's New Sync Solution for Optimal Team Work: Qsync

QNAP announced Qsync “a cross-device file sync solution for optimal teamwork”. Qsnc is equipped with new features. “Team folder” feature allows users to create their own team folders for sharing between group members. Another remarkable feature of Qsnc is "Remote Erase", which increases security without increasing the workload of IT staff.

Qnap's New Sync Solution for Optimal Team Work: Qsync

QNAP state that, they have responded to user requirements and industry feedback by redefining Qsync as a "Centralized Team up Synchronization System" solution that provides versatile cross-device synchronization. The centralized management enables unified data and storage space management while the "Team Folder" enables self-service file sharing for users to accelerate teamwork. Complete data protection, including versioning and remote erase, can help protect your work and prevent potential data leaks.

QNAP NAS with the feature-rich Qsync, RAID support, snapshot protection and Qtier auto tiering/SSD caching provides optimal data protection and performance improvements to greatly boost work efficiency.

For further information please see the video below.


Jul 22nd 2021 Seth Adams

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