Bosch MBV-MCHAN-45 1-year Maintenance License for Channel Expansion

Part Number: MBV-XCHAN-45
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Bosch MBV-MCHAN-45 1-year Maintenance License for Channel Expansion

One years of maintenance cover for the channel expansion license.

What is BVMS 4.5?

The Bosch Video Management System is a unique enterprise IP video security solution that provides seamless management of digital video, audio, and data across any IP network. It is designed to work with Bosch CCTV products as part of a total video security management system. You can integrate your existing components into one easy-to-manage system, or use our full-line capabilities and benefit from a complete security solution based on cutting-edge technology and years of experience.

The Bosch Video Management System allows a very flexible system design:

Compact: Single Site System 1 to 2000 cameras out of the box. Only this system supports BIS-BVMS connectivity.

Enterprise: Multi Site-Single Customer Up to 10,000 cameras. Supporting multi-site requirements for Metro, Airport and other large industrial facilities. Consisting of individually configured servers. Combined monitoring in Operator Client.

Enterprise: Multi Site-Multi Customer Up to 10 subsystems with a total of up to 10.000 cameras. Up to 30 subsystems for The Bosch Video Management System is installed on a Microsoft Windows Operating System. We recommend using Bosch Workstations and Servers. They are fully tested and optimized for Bosch Video Management System. In addition to the Bosch ST standard terms and conditions of sale, the Bosch Software Maintenance Agreement is a great option to keep your VMS always up-to date.

Key Features:
  • Enterprise-class Client/Server based video management system
  • Superior alarm handling with alarm priorities and selectable user group distribution
  • Mobile video client for live and playback
  • Edge based intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and forensic search
  • Support of 3 rd party cameras that are compliant to ONVIF Profile S

All MBV-X* and MBV-F* can only be combined with the Professional Edition.

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