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Axis Communication


Axis Communications AB is a Swedish manufacturer of network cameras. Axis primarily operates in physical security and video surveillance industries.

All Axis products are compliant with NDAA

Axis referred to a statement confirming their "entire product portfolio" is NDAA-compliant. Axis added that past non-compliant products could still be available from resellers, saying: "Previously we used HiSilicon chipsets in a very small number of products (Companion hardware products). It’s possible that some of these products still can be purchased by some of our resellers, but today Axis only offers NDAA-compliant products."



Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany.

US-Listed Bosch Products are compliant with NDAA  

Bosch referred to a statement confirming their US listed products portfolio is NDAA-compliant and moving forward, all products manufactured for the U.S. market will be NDAA compliant as well.

Bosch also shared a list of products that manufactured in Portugal and Mexico. Portugal and Mexico are countries that are included in the Trade Act Agreement. This means that the listed products are TAA compliant.



MOBOTIX is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality intelligent IP video systems. MOBOTIX was founded in 1999 and is based in Langmeil, Germany.

All Mobotix products are compliant with NDAA

Mobotix referred to a statement confirming their "entire product portfolio" is 100 percent NDAA-compliant.

"MOBOTIX is fully committed to adhering to NDAA Sec 889 (a)(1)(B) guidelines. We are not allowing any substantial or essential component from a supplier that is named in this section. This includes any component necessary for the proper function or performance of a product or system."

Jul 27th 2021 MCakir

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