Geovision DVR Cards

GeoVision GV-600-4 4ch Digital Video Recorder Capture Card
Geovision GV-600-4
You save: $91.60
  • 4 Video Inputs
  • PCI Card Interface
  • iPhone and Android Compatible
  • 32 and 64 Bit Support
Geovision GV-650-8 8-Channel PCI Digital Video Recorder Card (60fps)
Geovision GV-650-8 8Ch DVR Card
You save: $261.20
  • 8 Channel
  • 4 audio inputs
  • D1 resolution
Geovision GV-800-16 16-camera Digital Video Recorder Video Capture Card
Geovision GV-800-16 16Ch DVR Card
You save: $487.20
  • 16 Channel
  • H.264, MPEG4
  • 4 audio channels
  • Recording up to 120 / 100 fps
Geovision GV-800-4 4ch Digital Video Recorder Capture Card
Geovision GV-800-4 4Ch DVR Card
You save: $207.20
  • 4 Channel
  • 4 audio inputs
  • H.264, MPEG4
Geovision GV-1120-16 16ch Digital Video Recorder Capture Card
Geovision GV-1120-16 16Ch DVR Card
You save: $497.60
  • 16 Camera Video Inputs
  • 16 Channel Audio Inputs
  • HD Resolution of 704 x 480 at 120fps
Geovision GV-600-8 8-Channel PCI Express Digital Video Recorder Card - Video Capture
Geovision GV-600-8
You save: $128.00
  • 8ch Video and 1ch Audio
  • 30 FPS Live Display and Recorded Playback
  • PCI-Express card
  • Supports H264 and MPEG4 CODEC
  • 16 Camera Video Input
  • Supports Multiple Logins Simultaneous
  • Digital Watermark Authentication
  • PCI Express Card Interface
GeoVision GV-900-32 32 Channel Digital Video Recorder Card
Geovision GV-900-32 32ch DVR Card
You save: $638.40
  • 32 Channel
  • D1 resolution
  • H.264
  • Video and Audio Channels
  • Display Rate
  • Video Resolution
Geovision GV-800-8 8ch Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Capture Card - 60fps @ D1 Resolution, H.264 Compression
Geovision GV-800-8
You save: $396.80
  • 8 Channel at 120 frames per secon
  • H264 and MJPEG4 compression
  • 60fps (7.5 per channel) in D1 Resolution
  • Remotely Accessible Via iPhone, iPad, Android and PC
GeoVision GV-900-16 CH Digital Video Recorder Card
Geovision GV-900-16 16Ch DVR Card
You save: $568.00
  • 16 channel and 8 audio inputs
  • 240fps (NTSC) and 200fps(PAL)
  • H. 264 compression
  • Remote View
Geovision GV-1480-16 16-camera Digital Video Recorder Capture Card
Geovision GV-1480-16
You save: $648.40
  • 16 Channel
  • 14 Channel Audio Inputs
  • H.264 and MPEG4 Compatible

Computers can be converted into security camera recorders. Geovision is considered an industry leader in the manufacture of computer DVR cards. A Geovision DVR card installs onto the motherboard of a computer and has external connectors for plugging in security cameras. Recording software is included with the purchase of a Geovision capture card. The easy to use graphic user interface lets users quickly configure cameras.

A computer capture card can reduce the cost of a surveillance system by using an existing computer's resources to record video onto a hard drive. Capture cards can reduce maintenance costs by consolidating the devices onto one machine. Geovision DVR cards come in 4, 8, 16, and 32 (combining two 16 channel capture cards) channels. They have the ability to record in full frame rate and full resolution. DVR cards can be paired inside of a computer to increase the number of cameras a user can record. The software included with the capture card can be configured for motion detection, scheduled recording, and distribution over several hard drives among other things.

Geovision software comes with an extensive feature list and several accessory options making an excellent solution for almost any surveillance application. One excellent feature that comes with the software is the ability to record IP cameras. The recording software included with the capture card comes ready to record IP cameras on the same network. This means a user can record both traditional CCTV cameras and high definition IP cameras simultaneously.

All of these features are included at no additional cost and the optional accessories are very reasonably priced. The easy to use software and quality hardware makes the capture cards from Geovision an excellent choice when considering a surveillance system.

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