LTS CMIP7923LPR-32R 2.1MP License Plate Recognition (LPR) IP Security Camera - 8-32mm VF Motorized Lens

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  • LTS CMIP7923LPR-32R 2.1MP License Plate Recognition (LPR) IP Security Camera - 8-32mm VF Motorized Lens
  • LTS CMIP7923LPR-32R 2.1MP License Plate Recognition (LPR) IP Security Camera - 8-32mm VF Motorized Lens
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LTS CMIP7923LPR-32R 2.1MP License Plate Recognition (LPR) IP Security Camera

Key features:

  • License Plate Recognition up to 60MPH
  • 2.1MP High Definition
  • 8-32mm Motorized Lens with Auto Focus
  • 1920 x 1080P@60fps
  • Infrared IR up to 328 feet
  • H.264, H.264 Zip+
  • Ultra Low Lux 0.0027 @ F1.4
  • True WDR 120dB
  • Weatherproof IP67
  • MicroSD Slot up to 128GB
  • Audio I/O & Alarm I/O
  • DC 12V, PoE

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Additional Information

Lens Size:
LTS Security
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
Camera Style:
Key Features:
Key Features:
True WDR (120dB)
Lens Type:
Motorized (Automatic Zoom) Lens
Product Type:
Sensor Size:
Max. FPS and Resolution:
30fps at 1080P
Sensor Type:
Network (IP)
Field of View (Horizontal):
Protection Code:
Field of View (Horizontal):
Specialized Camera Feature:
License Plate Recognition (LPR)
Night Vision Range (ft):
Key Features:
SD Card Storage Support
Key Features:
Key Features:
Night Vision (IR)
Key Features:
Mobile App Support (IOS, Android)
Key Features:
License Plate Capture
Vandal Proof:
SD Card Support:
Quick Start Guide:
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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Jackson Y.

    Dec 6th 2017

    Affordable upgrade. The camera is a good choice and for reasons Id like to elaborate on. The price is affordable and for the functions of the camera you get your money’s worth. Now it is affordable in comparison to cameras in its category which makes it a better by if you are going for higher numbers. Power over Ethernet enables the camera to run on a single cable. The single cable attachment saves on rewiring and the direct connection to the recorder means a steady stream of data. The infrared LEDs not only make plates visible but the car and the area around it too. This makes it very easy to make a point of reference while going over footage. The pan on the camera makes for a large enough area of capture that cameras can be placed further away from each other without creating blind spots.

  • 5
    Noah J.

    Dec 4th 2017

    For some strange reasons I always prefer CMOS sensors over others. These sensors are good at noise reduction and produce better results in the dark as well. I order my CMIP7923LPR-20 only because of this reason and it is working great.

  • 5
    Austin H.

    Nov 9th 2017

    Don’t try running away. The motorized lens adjusts flawlessly letting you follow the car till it goes out of view. The zoom function has a very carefully calibrated sensitivity. Slight jerks while operating the remote don’t translate into abrupt response from the camera. I appreciate this near the end of a long shift where my eyes are half closed. The infrared capture is quite good. I say quite good because the range is enough but the brightness control is a bit off. The reflective plates light up so much that you have to lean back to see it properly.

  • 5
    Drake N.

    Oct 31st 2017

    I liked the automatic motorized lens that works pretty smoothly and gives a good image resolution as well. The zoom is up to and even at full zoom it does a great job to provide you with clear images. It’s a good investment that I made for my home.

  • 5

    Oct 25th 2017

    The built in storage makes my job simpler. The company I work with are very serious about the security. The previous cameras had card storage as well. This camera however can support a 128 GB card. On a routine schedule we went from transferring data after a week to after every two weeks. Even then the memory isn’t used up but its done as a precautionary measure. The day and night capture is a serious contender for best camera. The LEDs fire up instantly and illuminate the entire place. With most day/night cameras either the day capture is grainy or the night capture is. The LTS camera has almost the perfect balance between the two. Almost.

  • 5
    Drew W.

    Sep 28th 2017

    I was very reluctant to buy this bullet camera mostly because it merely had a 2.1MP. I believed in stronger resolutions but when one of my friend recommended it to me I tried it and was surprised with its 30fps 1080p resolution with a 1/2.8” CMOS sensor it better than anything I have ever used. Good product.

  • 5
    James M.

    Sep 12th 2017

    The angle of installation doesn’t matter. The camera works very good. One of the cameras I monitor is placed fifteen feet from the ground. The cars passing by it are captured at an angle. The camera adjusts perfectly to the angle and the video capture is very crisp. Where the camera really brings its best is the night shift. Even with high beams activated on the car the IR LEDs throw enough light to see both the license plate and the driver clearly. This is a must have especially in an environment where different types of vehicles pass through. The cable set up is worth mentioning. Since the camera comes with PoE switch a single cable is needed to connect and power the camera. For a large complex every foot of cable is extra cost that we easily avoided.

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