Dome IP Security Camera System, 8 Camera, Outdoor, 4MP Full HD, 2TB Storage, Night Vision, LTN8708-D4W

Dome IP Security Camera System, 8 Camera, Outdoor, 4MP Full HD, 2TB Storage, Night Vision, LTN8708-D4W
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8 Camera 2K 4MP Dome IP

The X4DF5 comes with the new and improved H.265 compression rate. This means your cameras will get 40 - 50% more storage capacity compared to the older H.264 compression rate. Face detection has been implemented into this new model as well. Analytics now allow your cameras to be able to detect an individual who has recently been in your building or home. This can be useful when trying to monitor a specific area to keep a person out.





8 indoor/outdoor IP Security Camera



2x the resolution of 1080P HD


Max IR Range

Clear and Balanced Images at Night


Field of View

Ideal for monitoring wide, open areas

Night Vision

Having issues at night time? This system comes with 100 feet of IR distance per camera, covering your property to ensure you are protected at all times throughout the day.

Recorder ( XNR8K-2 )

The system comes with an 8 channel NVR or Network Video Recorder (XNR8K-2). This is the device that your cameras will plug directly into receiving power and also streaming video back to the storage within the NVR. The 2TB of storage included will get you a total of 2 days recording time at 24/7 continuous recording. You would be able to save a tremendous amount of storage time by switching from 24/7 continuous recording to motion detection. Total storage time will depend on how busy your specific capture area is. Get in touch with one of our security specialists today and we can change this setting to your liking and recommend what we feel is the optimal recording setting.





Network Video Recorder



Home Setting, 7.5fps, H.265



Continuous recording


Motion Detection

Continuous detection

Cable ( NC6A-P150 )

This system comes with a total of 8 individually packaged, high quality, 150 feet of pre-cut, CAT6 Ethernet cable (NC6A-P150). This means no cutting, no crimping, just ease of installation with pre-cut, pre-determined cable lengths. If you need to change the cable length provided in this system, let one of our security experts know and we would be happy to change it out for you in a custom quote. We can also provide 1000 feet rolls of cable for the individual who needs to measure, cut, and crimp the cable at the time of the installation.

Phone App

The X4DF5 can be accessed via smartphone from anywhere in the world with a solid internet connection. Whether you are on an Iphone or Android, our security camera systems give you the access to live view and record your video, anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you have a stable internet connection, and your device has been configured via port forwarding or by QR code, you will be able to see your cameras live view and use the included features like playback within the phone app. Our phone application is called “Guarding Vision”. Our mobile application is available on both Iphone and Android and offers access from anywhere in the world. This application offers you the ability to see all cameras at one time within a single phone screen. Video playback is also available and exportable from your phone to your email, messages, or camera roll. The X4DF5 system also comes with a password reset function that requires the password to be reset by us here at A1. This means your system will always be secure and that network compromises are merely a thing of the past. Guarding Vision is packed with features, and offers unmatched performance providing you the customer, a smooth and seamless experience.

Benefits of The Phone App

  • Mobile and Convenient
  • Accessible no matter how far away you are
  • Video Playback along with exportability
  • Video Proof at your fingertips

Cons of The Phone App

  • Limited Video Resolution
  • Small screen/small objects in video
  • Configuration Required before-hand

Benefits of The Phone App

  • Mobile and Convenient
  • Accessible no matter the distance
  • Video Playback along with export-ability
  • Video Proof at your fingertips

Cons of The Phone App

  • Limited Video Resolution
  • Small screen/small objects in video
  • Configuration Required before-hand

OS Compatibility

The X4DF5 can be accessed via your smartphone and computer from either a windows or macintosh machine. Available on both, the mobile and desktop platform, you will be able to view your system in full resolution from anywhere in the world. Viewing from these devices offers full screen, all camera access to each individual camera allowing you to change camera settings, screen size, and much more. Please see the table below showing the viewing options for both operating systems on both mobile and desktop devices.

Live View

The X4DF5 allows live view access from your smartphone, tablet, and computer. You can access the live view video from the mobile application, desktop application, and web browser. This can be extremely helpful in many cases. For example, a security guard standing watch in front of his computer monitor, a receptionist at the front desk buzzing tenants into the building, or a homeowner ensuring their property is safe and secure while out of town. Live view truly offers exceptional video quality from anywhere in the world so long as you have a stable internet connection and the devices have been configured before-hand. See below for brand/device/software configurations.

If you need assistance getting your devices live view working properly, please reach out to us at as we would be happy to help!

Operating System App/Software Web Browser
Android Guarding Vision Android (Download Here) N / A
IOS Guarding Vision IOS (Download Here) N / A
Windows CMS Client Windows (Download Here) Internet Explorer (Ask sales for support)
Mac CMS Client Mac (Download Here) Safari (Ask sales for support)

Customer Service

The Oculur X4DF5 system not only supplies you with some of the most high end cameras on the market today, but in house tech support right here in the USA. We provide full technical support over the phone, via email, PDF how to’s, voice over tutorials, and more! We will do anything to solve any issue you may have regardless of how difficult. We understand how frustrating 3rd party tech support agents can be. This is why we handle all support tickets in Dallas Texas, within the A1 Security Cameras headquarters. Password resets are also handled within the A1 office. If you ever are in need of resetting your systems password, contact us at 214-948-1300, and we can start the process to complete your password reset. The main reason password resets are handled through us, is that it ensures you are able to reset your password remotely and securely. Simply send us a file from your system, we can edit that file, which in return allows you to input that file back into your system, and change the password to whatever you like. We will not have access to your password at anytime unless you would like us to remotely change it for you.


The X4DF5 system comes pre-configured in multiple variations. Available in 4 channels, 8 channels, 16 channels, 32 channels, and 64 channels, this system caters to everyone's needs whether you are an individual or a corporation. We are also available to customize your system specifically for your needs. For example, if you are eventually wanting a 16 camera system, but can only afford 3 cameras at the moment, we can configure your system with a 16 channel recorder, 3 cameras, 16 cables, and the amount of storage you would prefer. Doing this ensures you are able to expand your system in the future without having to buy an additional recording unit. Another example would be storage. If you want the 4 camera system but request a larger amount of storage time, we can configure your device to meet those specific needs. All in all, we are here to customize ad ensure your system is exactly how you prefer it to be, and we can assist in that process.

Monitor ( Connects directly to TV’ and Monitors )

This system supports HDMI and VGA connections to a monitor and or a TV screen or both! Connecting this system to a screen allows you to view the cameras live directly from this screen , configure settings, motion detection, format the hard drive and much more. This system does not come with a monitor. If you need one added, please contact one of our security experts and we can find one that will work for you! You are also able to connect this recorder to 2 different monitors, for example if you needed 2 live viewing stations within a single building, you are able to do so thanks to the VGA and HDMI ports.

Our Simple Return Process ( We Got You Covered )

This system comes with a 30 day, money back guarantee. We have no doubt that you will love the quality and reliability of this system. We are so sure that you will love the system, if you don't for any reason, and you are within 30 days of purchase, we encourage you to send it back for a full refund. A restocking fee may apply depending on condition of product and if packing contents are missing.

Alerts and Notifications ( See Anywhere, Anytime )

The Oculur X4DF5 gives you the ability to receive alerts and notifications from your smart devices from anywhere in the world. Have an internet connection and a smartphone with the mobile app and you can configure your device to receive message alerts, email alerts, and even SMS alerts.

3 year, Manufacturer's Warranty

Backed by a full, 3 year, manufacturer's warranty, we promise our equipment will come free of defects in workmanship and assure you are delivered the high quality product you expect. If there are any defects or lack of material, we agree to repair or replace your device for 3 years from date of purchase.

Tailor Made For You

Here at A1, we have a team full of security specialists that are capable of building and designing any system imaginable. We customize systems all the time for customers in need of a unique, problem solving solution. Need a custom system? Get in touch with one of our specialists today and we can provide a fully customized solution to fit your unique needs. Most systems come pre-configured for example with a 4 channel recorder, 4 cameras, 1TB hard drive, and 4, 100 feet pre-cut cables. What if you need a monitor? Or an HDMI cable? Or a larger recorder to add cameras later on down the line? Give us a call at 214-938-1300 or email at and we can customize a special system for you.

Export Your Video Not Your Technical Support

Customer service is A1's number one concern. We work extremely hard and efficiently to ensure the customer is taken care of first, no matter what. No problem is to small, and we will work relentlessly until we find a solution for you. Take some time and look at the hundreds of reviews on our site and you will get an idea of the kind of service we provide to our customers. Purchases made with A1 come with unlimited tech support for the life of the products warranty (Typically 3 years). Call or email between business hours (8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday - Friday) and we will be sure to provide you with the technical support to solve any problem you may be having. All tech support is done in our A1 headquarters so you will never be transferred or outsourced to a 3rd party company. Your support staff will always be a security expert who works with the equipment on a daily basis.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is something we take very seriously. We sell nothing but the best being top notch, commercial grade equipment which is relied on by schools, hospitals, and the military on a daily basis. 99% of what we carry comes in an all aluminum body which allows these cameras to tried and tested even in the most harsh conditions. Durability and dependability is something we take pride in and standby with the multi year warranty we offer with our products. The X4DF5 not only comes in a compact, durable body, but also comes with high performing software that includes features like motion detection, video playback, live view, and much more. The software can be used on a smartphone (Guarding Vision), computer (CMS Client), and web browser (Internet Explorer). Our software was designed with the end user in mind being as simple and easy to navigate as possible.

Motion Detection

Hard drive space is becoming more and more of a crucial component in the security world. Configuring your cameras to motion detection instead of recording continuous can save you days and sometimes even weeks of recording time depending on the traffic in your area. With the resolution of cameras reaching up to 2K and even 4K, saving hard drive space is cost efficient and will also save you time when going through video playback searching for clips. You will able to adjust your motion detection sensitivity to avoid leaves or windy trees from making the detection go off. This also helps with saving hard drive space and time to avoid scrubbing through pointless alerts like windy trees or birds flying by the camera.

Can't Go Wrong With Free

Shipping can be such a hassle and a pricey one at that. We offer free ground shipping within the contiguous United States. No price or weight limits. If you choose ground shipping, we will pay it for you as a thank you for doing business with us. Another benefit when it comes to shipping is how fast we are able to deliver. Technically, ground shipping takes between 2-7 business days. Luckily, with our relationship with UPS, our customers typically receive their product within 3-4 business days. Lost or stolen packages will be investigated and will always be handled by an A1 representative to ensure you get your package at the end of the day.

Remote Acess

Remote access is something that we believe should be a standard feature in any security system, that's why all of ours include it! Our kits allow even our most remote customers access to their security system at any time. No matter if you are 10 miles or 10,000 miles away from your property, our systems allow all access 24/7 to ensure that you can keep your valuables and loved ones safe. Simply configure your device, log on, and stream your cameras video from anywhere in the world. Remote Access provides multiple benefits including a live video feed, motion detection alerts to your mobile device, immediate video playback, and much more. A few down sides to remote access are a couple seconds delay, reduced clarity due to data limits, and a smaller screen so things can be harder to identify.


When we recommend a camera system, storage is something we almost always include. Storage gives you the ability to pull up footage from the past, go back to a specific time if needed, and even extract old footage if there was an incident and you need to provide proof. Whether it be a criminal vandalizing your vehicle or someone falling and hurting themselves on your property, storage will give you the ability to ensure you are protected. A1 recommends using surveillance class hard drives. These drives are meant to be ran over and over so you never skip a beat. While many people think any type of hard drive will suffice, A1 truly believes in surveillance class drives due to the fact that they were designed to be running all day long. A traditional drive found in your desktop or laptop computer was designed to be used for roughly 6-8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Surveillance class hard drives were designed to be running 24/7 so you truly have no worries when it comes to laggy performance and overall failures. As far as performance goes, standard drives found in desktop computers were created specifically for storing local data for short and long periods of time at a very slow pace. With that in mind, using standard hard drives for a security system will cause those drives to throttle and drop your videos frame rates, overall performance, and possibly cause a faster failure to occur. Surveillance class drives thrive when their workload is at capacity which is why they will be perfect for any type of camera system. This is why we recommend using Purple hard drives due to their durability and longevity. Speak with one of our security specialists today and we can determine what drive might be right for you.


Bad things happen, there is no denying it. With one of our security systems in place, you unlock the capability to go back in time and see what happened down to the exact second. Our recording unit will provide you the functionality to record, review, and export previous footage in case an incident or altercation has occurred. The camera mentioned in the system above also has an SD card slot giving you the option of bypassing a recording unit all together which gives you a completely stand alone system. Our software is very simple to use, and navigating between live view, playback, and the other menu options is seamless. The Playback menu allows you to drag or scrub through past video footage down to the second allowing pinpoint precision when searching for video clips. Once you find the clip you were looking for, you are able to export the footage to other devices including your phone, computer, or USB drive. Speak with one of our experts today and we can build a custom system to get you an adequate amount of storage time to suit your needs.

The A1 Youtube Channel

Tying into customer service, we will attempt any method possible to resolve an issue you may have with your system. Not only offering full technical support for the life of the warranty, but offering detailed manuals, instructional PDF documents with step by step directions with included pictures, and even video tutorials with instructional guidance through our voice over tutorials. At the end of the day, we are here to help you!