Panasonic Smart Coding

Panasonic Smart Coding function is technology that uses a variety of tools to get efficient compression and noise reduction. Group of Pictures (GoP) control utilizes a H.264 codec that utilizes I-Frame. Basically, recording constantly puts out very large file sizes that can eat up storage space. To counter this, I-Frame crops motionless I-Frame scenes, cutting out anything where there’s nothing happening. This lessens the load on the network as well as reduces storage costs over time.

The Variable Image Quality on Specified Area (Auto-VIQS) is a very similar technology. It automatically reduces image quality whenever very little is happening. Again, this is to reduce pressure on the network and lessen storage space issues.

Auto-VIQS and GoP work in tandem with Panasonic excellent noise reduction technology. The Frequency Divided Filter) utilizes 3D noise reduction to help with low lit pictures. Because low illumination introduces fuzz, this is a great way of clearing up images to be the best quality they can be.

​Panasonic Smart Coding
Feb 5th 2021 Matt B

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