Pelco 13VD2.5-6 1/3" Auto Iris 2.5-6mm Varifocal Security Camera Lens, CS Mount

Brand: Pelco
Part Number: 13VD2.5-6
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Pelco 13VD2.5-6 1/3" Auto Iris 2.5-6mm Varifocal Lens, CS Mount

Pelco Lens, 1/3" format vari-focal zoom, 2.5-6mm auto iris (direct drive), manual focus and zoom, f1.8-360, CS-mount.Pelco's 13VD* Series 1/3-inch varifocal lenses offer versatile and flexible packages in one lens. Each auto-iris lens in this series covers a specific range of focal lengths. Adjust these lenses to get the exact field of view instead of "almost-the-right-view."Appropriate for indoor and outdoor lighting situations, the 13VD* Series lenses will fit all 1/3-inch CS-mount cameras requiring DC-drive auto-iris lenses. In addition, all auto-iris lenses include a spot filter. Lenses in the 13VD* Series come with a standard square 4-pin plug installed for ease of installation and convenience.Pelco's VD series lenses are intraspot-type lenses, which optimize the dynamic range of the iris. Maximum apertures of no less than f1.8 to a minimum aperture of f360 are typical of all these lenses. This allows for excellent performance characteristics across a wide range of lighting conditions.Select the model lens that best suits your needs from the Technical Specifications section of this product specification sheet.

Key Features:

  • CS Mount
  • Spot Filter
  • For use with 1/3-Inch Format Cameras
  • Auto Iris, Manual Focus and Zoom
  • High Resolution Power in Compact Body


Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Camera Lens
NDAA Compliance:
NDAA Compliant
2-year Manufacturer Warranty
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