Acti Mobile Client

The Acti Mobile Client – available on iOS and Android – is a FREE and excellent tool to remotely view Acti cameras. This client allows you to use both live view and playback functions. These options come with PTZ controls, where you can utilize your fingers via pinch to zoom in or out, or to scroll with a finger to move the PTZ camera from side to side. Basically, you pilot the camera via your fingers!

This app utilizes a built-in Google Maps function to automatically detect the GPS coordinates of your cameras, NVRs, and CMS servers. For this reason, the Acti Mobile Client is one of the best apps for large systems that utilize a lot of cameras, video recorders, and servers.

Digital outputs include microphone usage, as well as activation of network devices such as alarms and gates. Obviously, all these tools are of great use if you’re viewing things live!

Playback features include the ability to follow triggered timelines, such as motion detection or tampering. With these timelines, you can easily go to the point of occurrence instead of having to fast forward looking for what happened.

Jun 15th 2021 Matt B

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