Security camera systems do more than record video coming from a security camera. Recorders now have some of the same technology built into them as the latest computers on the market. A security camera system consists of several components. A CCTV Analog System uses a Digital Video Recorder DVR, Connectors, Coaxial Cable, a Power Supply, and CCTV Security Cameras. IP Security Camera systems use an Network Video Recorder NVR, Connectors, Network Cable, Power Over Ethernet Switch, and Network Security Cameras.

Surveillance Systems

Security Camera Systems Increase Overall Safety

Even though the technology is similar, they each have their benefits and limitations. An IP system has the ability to record in high definition while a traditional analog system is easier to setup and are considered very reliable. Cameras are becoming smarter and with simple configuration can become a very powerful tool for homes and businesses alike. A recorder can serve as an access control system by notifying users by phone or email when movement is detected. When a camera senses a change in pixilation, the camera can be configured to send a signal to the recorder and execute a set of instructions. This means a camera not only captures video, it can also function like a security guard.

Advantages of Using Security Camera Systems for Your Business

Network cameras, or IP cameras, are even more advanced. Some IP security cameras have as much technology built into them as some high end recorders. Some network cameras have a built in DVR. SD card readers built into the cameras motherboard lets users install and format a high capacity SD card for still image and video clip storage. Not only can it act as a standalone camera recorder, it can also interact with a network video recorder to stream important information to the user.
A surveillance system can discourage theft and vandalism to a home or business. Surveillance video footage has helped law enforcement identify people committing crimes but security systems don't only serve to catch people. They are also used to monitor dangerous work environments like factories, monitor heavy equipment and machinery, and help oversee large areas from a central location. Park and Wildlife organizations have even used surveillance systems to monitor endangered species in their natural habitat. A well configured system can capture time lapse video of a construction site. A carefully planned system can work well in almost any kind of environment. Homeowners associations can benefit from the same technologies as a oil drilling rig in the ocean. 

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