There is a new tech in town: PoC (Power over Coax)

IP cameras are very practical because of Power over Ethernet (PoE) ability which allows user to get rid of getting energy from seperate power source.

Nowadays HD analog systems become a real challenger for IP systems, but their need for another power source (as SD systems do) cause them to lose the race.

TVI has a revolutionary solution for this… PoC

What is PoC?

PoC a.k.a. Power over Coax, is a new power system that can supply energy to analog HD systems through coax cable, without any other power source.


Gossips are spreading out from China that Hikvision is prepairing TVI cameras and recorders which supports Power over Coax . Hikvision USA confirmed this but did not give an exact release date. In the recent days Dahua also announced PoC products but yet they have not given the date when the products hit the markets. Techpoint ( company behind TVI) , stated that they are working on a solution that integrates all the external components into their chipset. So we can say Power over Coax cameras may hit the markets in late 2017.


It’s mostly beneficial if you have an existing analog system. It will be a great time, money and working hours saver by using your old system cables that are already installed.

You may replace your siamese cable with RD59 cable which gives a profit of $0.02 per foot ( $0.06 per meter) and also you will not be needing any new power source (mostly costs around $130 + $100 for hanging and connecting expenses) which will let you save around $230.

Jan 18th 2019 Matt B

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