Sony Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture - DEPA Advanced

Sony’s Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPA) is a tech embedded onto a computer for intelligent video and audio analysis (largely in response to alerts). It provides both pre- and post-processing of image data. Basically, Sony has segmented their video architecture so that it is evenly distributed and does not cause issues with bandwidth or other various bottlenecks. Alongside Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) and Intelligent Object Detection (IOD), Sony’s DEPA helps monitor any alerts or triggers that might be set off. For example, if a user has designated an area as a ‘no go’ zone, DEPA helps organize a response whenever something or someone enters that no-go zone. Such triggers include tampering, virtual fencing and trip wires, missing or loitering objects, people counting, and a variety of audio analysis.

Feb 5th 2021 Matt B

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