Sony NSR-1100/2T Network Video Recorder - 2TB HDD included

Brand: Sony
Part Number: NSR-1100/2T
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  • Pre-Installed Storage : 2 TB


Sony NSR-1100/2T Network Video Recorder - 2TB HDD included

The NSR-1100/2T is a high capacity hard disk recorder that has a capacity of 2000 GB. This network surveillance server is an ideal solution for multi-camera monitoring, recording, and playback.

Key Features:

  • Up to 16 analog cameras can be connected to the NSR-1100/2T, using the NSBK-A16 Analog Encoder Kit. You can simply add network cameras, including megapixel cameras, while maintaining your analog cameras.
  • The NSR-1100/2T has two analogue RGB and two HDMI monitor output connectors on the rear panel. You can use two out of the four outputs simultaneously in any combination to meet your system requirements.
  • To answer to the growing demands for HD (High Definition) network cameras, the NSR-1100/2T will offer this capability in the near future.
  • The NSR-1100/2T can be used not only with Sony network cameras but also with other major brand network cameras.
  • The frame rate of the video readout of the NSR-1100/2T is much higher than that of conventional models.
  • Both the NSR & IMZ Series incorporate DEPA - Sony's Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture. Used in conjunction with DEPA-enabled network cameras from Sony (SNC-RX Series, SNC-RZ50, SNC-CS50, and later models), DEPA helps identify critical events more easily, and provides a streamlined workflow for your video security operations.
  • If you install the bundled Controller Software to a personal computer in a remote location, you can supervise the NSR-1100/2T recording servers simultaneously in various locations, with flexibility in selecting and viewing live and recorded images.

Additional Information

Channel Capacity:
32 Channels
Pre-Installed Storage:
2 TB
Recorder Technology:
Network Video Recorder (NVR)
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