SWG-28 Swing Gate Turnstile - Both Directional Motorized for Pedestrian Traffic Control, Plexiglas, Stainless Steel Arm

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SWG-28 Swing Gate Turnstile

Swing Gate Turnstiles motorized mechanism allows them to be used in various locations. SWG-28 has a longer arm compared to 3 armed turnstiles and also provides a better flowing pedestrian traffic especially for the ones who carry lagguages. Aktuel SWG-28's both directional motorized function ensures to control the direction of pedestrian traffic. SWG-28's Swing Gates have 0.4-0.6″ (10-15mm) thick Plexiglas-stainless steel arms which are strong enough for impacts, provides up to 36″ (90cm) passege width which is compatible with international wheel chair standarts.

Aktuel SWG-28 Series are compatible with AKT-28 Series which ensures a better and full access control with an aesthetic and user friendly way.

Key Features:

  • Provides a better pedestrian traffic compared to 3 armed turnstiles
  • Both directional motorised function
  • Wide passage with up to 36″ (90cm)
  • Impact proof Plexiglas 0.4-0.6″ (10-15mm)
  • Stainless steel arms
  • Aesthetic and user friendly
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Additional Information

Product Type:
Access Control
Optional RS-232 Control:
Turnstile Type:
Swing Gate
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