How to Create and Configure a Dynamic DNS Account?

DDNS stands for Dynamic Domain Name System. Basically, it ensures that the domain name will stay attached to the IP address. That way, whenever someone clicks or enters the domain name, they can be ensured that it’ll go to the same place every time.

So how do we set one up?

- The first step is to go to and sign up for an account.

- Once you get a confirmation email, go back on there and sign in.

- Once logged in, go through the following dropdowns: “My Services” link --> “My Hosts” link --> “Add Host Services” link, in that order.

- This will take you to the “New Dynamic DNS Host Screen.”

- Go to “Hostname” box and create a webname prefix, for example A1SecurityCameras, and then select a domain name from the dropdown box. The IP Address box will automatically be filled, so feel free to hit the “Add Host” button.

Halfway there!

- Now go to your Router’s home page. To do this, take your IP address and punch it into your browser and hit enter.

- From there, you should have a DDNS toolset available, usually under Tools or some Advanced Settings. The general idea is to Enable DDNS and set the server address to, enter the Host Name that you’ve created, enter your Username and Password that you used to setup.

- Click Apply or Save Settings (whichever applicable).

Your router will now pick up the configured DDNS.

Feb 9th 2021 Matt B

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