Frequently Asked Questions Using LTS Security Systems and Linux
[FAQ] Using Linux and LTS Security Systems

Commonly asked questions concerning LTS Security and the Linux Operating System:

Is the embedded OS still LINUX for the LTN 8704-P4 and LTN8708-P8 NVRs as it was on some older LTS DVRs/NVRs?

Yes it is!

If that is the case, why, in the manuals, for these NVRs, is there no reference to support for LINUX PCs for remote access of the NVR, Live Feed, setup and control?

Unfortunately, LTS does not support remote view from a Linux PC.

The only references made for Browser or PC CMS software interface to the NVR is for MS Windows and browsers.

Remote viewing is done through Internet Explorer or, if the user has the NVMS7000 management software they can view it through a Mac or Windows.

Are there Firefox or Linux plugins available for us to remotely interface with your LTS NVRs?

Not currently, although that is in development for the future.

Is NVMS7000 software also available for Linux PCs or for Android tablets/phones?

The NVMS7000 CMS software is only for Windows and Mac. There is an app on the Android app marketplace, however it is only good for live feed monitoring. If you’re wanting to record the software we highly suggest getting a Windows or Mac. We know plenty of people who use the latter for static recording, while using Android phones to view their recordings while mobile.