Waist Height Double Leg Turnstile TS-25

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  • Waist Height Double Leg Turnstile TS-25
  • Waist Height Double Leg Turnstile TS-25
  • Waist Height Double Leg Turnstile TS-25
  • Waist Height Double Leg Turnstile TS-25 Dimensions
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Waist Height Double Leg Turnstile TS-25

Waist Height Double Leg Turnstiles have 304 stainless steel sturdy constructed body which can operate both indoor or outdoor, provide pedestrian access control in areas requiring moderate level of security. Both sided LED screens can display pass (Green Arrow) or stop ( Red X) to control the direction of the pedestrian traffic.It can be adjusted as one directional or bi-directional and magnetic card reader can be placed which makes it perfect for places where magnetic card pass required such as business centers, offices etc...

Available areas:

  • Public transportation (Train Stations, Metro Stations, etc…)
  • Government Offices
  • Public Offices
  • Business Centers
  • Schools
  • Stadiums
  • Sports Centers
  • Industrial Buildings

Key features:

  • Both Indoor and Outdoor
  • Led Screen Pass or Stop Sign
  • Moderate Level Security
  • One-directional or Bi-directional
  • Magnetic Card reader (optional)
  • Main body manufactured 1,5 mm stainless steel
  • In case of electric failures or cuts, the system pulls the wings in, releasing and unlocking the main mechanism
  • Plexi door panels suitable for signs ( STOP/ DISABLED)
  • Moderated with shock absorption while closing
  • Accessories Buton Unit and Remote Control
  • Modular design to ensure easy parts replacement
  • Operating Voltage : 220V AC- 24V DC
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Main Body1.5 mm 304-grade stainless stell.
Operating Voltage115-240 V.50/60 Hz. AC / 24V DC
Control SystemCompatible with all access control systems that provide dry contact or TTL.CMOS 5-48 V control grounding outputs. Ops.RS-232 function.
Passing Block &ArmsWith rotating control ; tripod arms are positioned at 120 degrees;are Q32X 1.2 mm 304-grade stainless stell.
Arms can be dismantled or mounted one by one separately.
Tripod LockingWith 24 V DC selenoids;lock when the selenoids are pulled.( In Emergency , system is shut down and turnstiled provide free passing in both directions.)
Passing Direction ControlUnidirectional and Bidirectional operation as "Only Entrance ", "Only Exit", "Entrance and Exit"
Motion ControlWhen the cycle starts to one direction , the reverse is blocked and after a half turn the rest of the cycle is completed ,automatically and smoothly by a hydraulic shock absorber
Indıcators StatusTwo warning light exist at front and read –side of turnstiles. ( "Green arrow designated for " Access open" Red cross designated for "Access closed ")
Operating Temperature- 20°C / +70°C ( Ops:- 50°C /Isı Pozitifleme ile)
Optional AccessoriesDrop-Arm Mechanism / Button Control Unit / Remote Control Units / Digital Counter / Fotocell
Alarm Sensor / Floor Mounting Plate
Standart DimensionsWidth: 250 mm / Length : 820 mm / Height: 970 mm
CertificationISO 9001:2008 ,CE
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Additional Information

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Access Control
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Optional RS-232 Control:
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