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University & College Security Camera Systems

Universities are the high-end of education, and thus require high-end security solutions to ensure safety and peace of mind. At A1, we have designed the BEST security camera systems for dozens of universities and colleges. Our talented experts are well suited to design solutions for every inch of campus, including: libraries, parking areas, dormitories, classrooms, and office buildings. With our certified professionals, free shipping, and unlimited tech support we have thousands of happy customers worldwide. Our University Security Camera Systems are tailored to fit your surveillance needs regardless of specifications or complexity. Please contact one of our security camera experts to receive free and “no obligation” help via phone, e-mail or through our free chat feature.

Why You Should Choose A1 Security Camera Systems?

The reason that we have one of the highest review point is, our customers satisfaction is much more important than earning money for us. We are doing our best to desing the best solutions with the lowest prices possible.

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Unlimited Tech Support

Our team of experts is ready to assist customers with tech support during business hours. This benefit applies to our direct end-user customers, integrator specialists & re-sellers - we will even assist your end-users directly on your behalf.

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Free Consultation

Put our expertise and experience to work for you. Our complimentary design service will include high-performance, budget-friendly solutions that are customer to your needs.

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Project Management

Our recommendations will also include all factors, including those you may not have thought of including component compatibility, ability to scale, and logistics management for larger sized projects.

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No matter how expensive and high-tech your security camera system is the other major contributing factor will be the quality of the installation. Our installation team is ready to assist customers. Please click here for further information regarding your installation.

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Different Schools require different security camera systems

Education is a key to the future. We know the importance of education as well as we know the importance of keeping schools safe. Children and teenagers can learn much faster when they feel safe. As A1, we have designed the BEST security camera systems for more than thousands schools within the United States and we are looking forward to design yours. With our certified experts, unmatched free shippping options, 10 years of experinece and unlimited tech support, we have thousands of happy customers all around the world. We would like to welcome you to our company.

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Day Care and Nursery Schools

Top priorities tend to be child safety within close quarters (both in & outdoors). Intrusion detection and clear imagery that provides facial recognition of a person stepping within 25 feet of a camera as to prevent wrongful child removal. 24/7 remote system access, and motion based alters & monitoring ability are all also common favorites. Learn more >>

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Primary, Junior High and High Schools

Primary, Junior High and High Schools (A.K.A. K-12 Schools) require a sturdy –vandal proof surveillance system which should stands against any impacts. Also panoramic view and high optical zoom are important for hallways and car parks. We know the importance of school security camera systems and we are here to design you the best solutions for K-12 schools. Learn more >>

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Colleges and Universities

Campuses are complex buildings and they need complex surveillance system solutions. Campuses are the combination of large fields, hallways, dormitories, gyms, car parks and many different areas. Panoramic view, optical zoom, license plate reader, night vision and motion detection are the main requirements for campus security camera system. We can design the best solutions for you, no matter how complex your needs for campus surveillance system.

What is required in University Security Camera Systems?

Campuses are complex buildings and they need complex surveillance system solutions. They combined of large fields, hallways, dormitories, gyms, car parks, libraries, and many different areas. Panoramic view, optical zoom, License plate reading, night vision and motion detection are the main requirements for campus security camera system. We can design the best solutions for you, no matter how complex your needs for campus surveillance system.

Benefits of University & College Security Camera System

University security camera systems can prevent crimes such as theft, burglary, vandalism, sexual harassment by the feeling of being watched. They also stop bullying by forcing students to behave well under the surveillance of the cameras. Teachers are protected from the false accuses and feeling of being watched avoids students from cheating.

Where To Install Security Cameras In University & College And Which Type Of Cameras Should Be Used?

  • checkCorridors and Hallways (Panoramic view dome cameras)
  • checkParking Lot (PTZ and bullet cameras with IR lenses)
  • checkCafeterias (Fish eye dome cameras)
  • checkDormitories (Fish eye dome cameras)
  • checkGymasiums (Dome cameras)
  • checkEntrances (Bullet and dome cameras)
  • checkClassrooms (Dome cameras)

How Much Will My University & College Security Camera System Cost?

The cost of these systems will depend on various factors such as the number of cameras within the system, storage requirements & required features. We do commit to give you the most affordable rates available within the industry.

What Is Included In Our University Security Camera Systems?

Our high-tech school security camera systems include;

  • checkFree consultancy
  • checkCameras of your choice: bullet, dome or turret. Can include a mixture of indoor and outdoor cameras
  • checkNetwork Video Recorder (NVR) remote viewing features pre-installed storage capable
  • checkCorresponding cables and appropriate lengths
  • check3 Year manufacturer warranty
  • checkUnlimited technical support
  • checkProject management (optional)
  • checkInstallation (optional)

University & College Security Camera Systems

Recording Time

University & College School Security Systems require longer data-storage duration. Our high-tech NVR’s and DVR’s can easily be customized to keep recording for more than 30 days if needed.

IR (infrared)

Infrared is a must to for night vision. This type of LEDs provides an excellent visibility more than 100 feet distance in total darkness. A1 school camera systems have the cutting edge night vision technology. You can see if there is an intrusion to the school in total darkness.


We understand the importance of details. Our PTZ cameras provide crystal clear imagery, including facial level detail at up to 300 feet away in complete darkness making it ideal for monitoring open fields and parking lots.

Remote View

Connect your recorder to the internet and remotely use your phone, PC, laptop or tablet to access & view your school security camera system.

View Angle

Blind spots can be a big problem within any security system type. We have fish-eye camera options that will provide you with either 180 or 360 degree field of view with no areas lacking coverage.

Vandal proof

Our cameras include IK10 impact resistance & protection which allows absorption of up to 20 joules of energy (about the equivalent of a full blow made by a baseball bat). Whether accidentally or purposely impacted, our cameras are very likely to continue functioning.

HD CCTV Camera Systems for University & College

While once considered a dying technology, manufacturers surprised the entire industry by recently releasing 5MP Analog / CCTV recorders and cameras meant to serve as a direct replacement to their former counterparts which were limited to resolutions of 2MP or less.

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Comparison Table

IP Camera Systems HD CCTV Camera Systems
Starting Price
Features Ethernet Ethernet
Cable Up to 320 ft Up to 320 ft
Cable Distance
Cable Distance Power over Ethernet Power over Ethernet
Power Source
Power Source Up to 12 Megapixel Up to 12 Megapixel
Max Resolution
Max Resolution Up to 1 Second Up to 1 Second
Latency check check
CCTV Compatibility
CCTV Compatibility check check
Mobile App Access
Mobile App Access check check
Remote Access
Remote Access check check
Plug and Play
Plug and Play check check
Motion Detection
Motion Detection check check
Night Vision with Smart IR
Night Vision with Smart IR check check
Weatherproof check check
Vandalproof check check
Storage check check
Warranty Pre-Installed Storage Pre-Installed Storage
Tech Support
Tech Support 3 Years Unmatched Warranty 3 Years Unmatched Warranty
Tech Support
Tech Support Unlimited Tech Support Unlimited Tech Support

Why Choose US

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Proven Solution

All of our high-quality security solutions are field-tested, backend by generous warranties and are quaranteed reliable... or your money back!

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Free Expert Consulting

Need assistance? Our experts are trained to help you with selection, camera placement, system design, troubleshooting on the job, and more.

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Unlimited Technical Support

Call us anytime for assistance. Our friendly, expert sales consultants and technicians are here to help you set up and operate your surveillance system.


Our certified experts are here to design the BEST school security camera systems for YOUR needs. Feel free to call us atontact us via phone

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