ACTi Retail Application Suite and NVR 3 Open Options ACTi MAS-100 System

ACTi Announced the Retail Application Suite and the NVR 3 Open Options access control integration.

So what is the Retail Application Suite?

ACTi’s Retail Application Suite is an awesome piece of software that comes with a multitude of management tools to better the operations of your retail store. This is not just security camera-focused: the Retail Application Suite brings digital formats to a lot of what used to be paper-focused issues. Think about incidents of theft or customer complaints. These are commonly written down. With ACTI’s Retail Application Suite, you can digitize these forms.

Additionally, there is the Exception Reporting System. This system integrates point-of-sale registers with ACTi video analysis. Mangers are then provided with easily managed tracks of user-defined events. This is an outstanding tool in combating fraud. You can also be proactively alerted, such as when a point-of-sale transaction happens with no one actually at the counter.

Solution Architecture Data Sources MAS Server Clients
Traffic Performance like Heatmap, Total Occupancy, Layout Efficiency

The Retail Application Suite will be centralized in the ACTi MAS-100 system which will be release on October 31st 2016:

So what is this NVR 3?

NVR 3 is ACTi’s network video recorder software intended to organize all the footage into one spot for easy and intuitive access. It is a part of ACTi’s cooperation with Open Options as a new solutions partner. NVR 3 can now be integrated with more advanced control systems. This will bring tons of help to security officers and similar positions that monitor surveillance systems.

  • Discover Fraud: You can now visually validate person entering your premises.
  • Prevent Tailgating: Analytics can now detect if more than one person is trying to enter.
  • Incident Logs: Video logs are easily accessed with flags to highlight incidents.
Oct 20th 2021 Matt B

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