AXIS Network Radar D2050-VE is Here to Raise the Outdoor Security Bar

Martin Gren (founder ofAXIS)

Without a doubt AXIS Communications is the leader of the surveillance systems. In ISC West 2017 all eyes were on AXIS to see, if they were presenting a new game changer product. And they did.

Martin Gren (founder of AXIS) and Fredrik Nilsson (Vice President of AXIS US) intruduced the new AXIS Network Radar D2050-VE .

AXIS Network Radar D2050-VE is Here to Raise the Outdoor Security Bar

Martin Gren (founder of ) at left, Fredrick Nilsson (Vise president of US)

According to Gren, radar will help to secure the outdoor properties where normally has no human traffic. Gren said “Network radar has a lot of advantages, It’s almost as reliable as thermal cameras but it’s cheaper than a thermal camera and it’s also good for a wider area of detection and can work in really, really bad weather conditions. It works in the day, at night, in the sunshine and in pouring down rainstorms. And it is also a great complement to existing surveillance security solutions in smaller outdoor areas”

Fredrick Nilsson stated that, network radar is much more attractive solution with its $1000 price while most of the thermal cameras cost around several thousands. Nilsson said “We started this journey to convert the market from analog to IP a long time ago and that conversion is kind of coming to the end. Of course, there’s a lot of value in camera systems today [because of IP], better image quality and that keeps on growing, not at the 40 percent we saw in the past – I think the latest estimate was around five to 10 percent – but it’s a pretty healthy market. The real value of IoT is when we start integrating these systems. Why do you still have a separate access control system or a different mass notification system? We believe the value of IoT is bringing all that together. For us, the cameras are the base for all of that.”

AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Overview

D2050-VE designed to work outside, uses 24Ghz frequency waves to identify the objects within the coverage range of 164 feet (appx. 50 meters), between 120 o to 150 o estimated horizontal coverage if it mounted 13 feet high (appx. 4 meters)

D2050-VE is using PoE as power source and has AXIS’s ARTPEC-6 chip which enables to run ACAP or Vapix applications

Network Radars are compatible with PTZ cameras. Object location data will be used to move the camera through the object and follow it, or pre-positioned the cameras to help the operator to get visial confirmation as fast as possible.

According to AXIS "fenced areas” should be empty during off-hours which includes car dealerships, construction sites, water treatment/critical infrastructure sites, or large indoor spaces like warehouses. D2050-VE Radar triggers alarm if it detects a large moving object (which is remarkable better than in-camera VMD), and ignores small objects to avoid false alarms,

This new product created its own category called D-Series (Detectors) in AXIS products.

According to AXIS, D2050-VE Network Radar will be released by september 2017 with around $1000 price tag.

Sep 3rd 2020 Matt B

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