Hanwha Techwin Announced a Global Partnership with NVIDIA

Last week Hanwha Techwin announced a global partnership with NVIDIA which showed us that name is not the only thing Samsung has changed. After Samsung Techwin name faded and Hanwha name raised, they also decided to make a change in the technology being used in Samsung surveillance systems.

NVIDIA is a US based company, best know for developing, advancing, and producing Graphic Processing Units (GPU) for use in computers, self driving automobiles and robots that are uing Deep Learning Algorythms which makes it the frontier of the computer graphics.

Soon Hong Ahn ( President of Hanwha Techwin US) says “The deployment of advanced analytics continues to play an increasingly important role is the design and deployment of today’s most advanced integrated security systems. Our partnership with NVIDIA aims to escalate the level and utility of analytics to a new level by incorporating artificial intelligence in our video surveillance solutions. Hong also added “We are very pleased to work alongside NVIDIA to co-develop innovative and powerful video surveillance solutions that will deliver the foremost levels of safety and security.”

NVIDIA developed a AI GPUs based video analysis platform with Deep Learning abilities , which is engineered especially for Professional surveillance cameras and storage devices. This advanced processors provide valuable and more meaninful high quality data faster and more accurate than regular systems. Hanwha decides to placed this technology in cameras and storage devices to achive AI devices that autonomously detect abnormal situations and movements.

Hanwha stated that “Surveillance solutions with AI capabilities enable highly specialized functionality for awide range of applications including city surveillance, retail, and traffic monitoring. This will allow Hanwha to deliver surveillance solutions that meet the specific needs of different industries and applications, and transcend traditional security applications”.

Tos um up, this allience will bring a real breath of fresh air in Hanwha products and increase the competition between surveillance system manufacturers.

Seth Adams


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