Vivotek AM-522 Adapter Ring - 3/4" NPT and 1.5" PS11

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Vivotek AM-522 Adapter Ring

3/4" NPT Male Connector & 1.5" PS11 Male Connector

Key features of Vivotek AM-522

Supported Models:

  • Pendant Pipe: AM-116, AM-117
  • Wall Mount Bracket: AM-212, AM-218, AM-221, AM-231, AM-526
  • Junction Box: AM-712, AM-713, AP-FXC-0201, AP-FXC-0251

Carton Dimension: Length: 340 Width: 340 Height: 160 (mm)
Carton Weight: 7,300 g
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Box Dimension: Length: 60 Width: 60 Height: 60 (mm)
Color: White
Box Weight: 146 g
Weight 135 g
Dimensions: ∅: 60.3 Length: 40 (mm)

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Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Mount & Bracket
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