Vivotek Smart Stream I & II

Vivotek’s Smart Stream technology was built to cut down on bandwidth and storage issues that often come coupled with network security cameras. Via smart encoding and intelligent automatic optimization, Smart Stream reduces bit rates and required storage sizes by up to 50%. To do this, it uses Dynamic Intra Frame Period which, when enabled, increases the I-frame interval during dead-times of recording. Basically, it lessens the quality when there is nothing actually happening on the screen. When something is triggered, it automatically ups the quality back to normal and beyond (as requested).

Smart Stream II was developed with H.265 in mind. This momentous technology can provide up to an 80% reduction in both bandwidth and storage space usage.

*Note, Vivotek’s Smart Stream also has another very nifty tool for maximizing storage space and bandwidth usage. You can identify “regions of interest” which, when occupied, will take up much of the camera’s resources. So instead of wasting quality on rubbish in the background, it’ll sharpen only onto the region of interest (which is predetermined by the user).

Vivotek’s Smart Stream I & II
May 3rd 2021 Matt B

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