Vivotek’s Supreme Night Visibility

Vivotek’s Supreme Night Visibility (SNV) provides true colors even in nighttime viewing. While low light settings have always been complicated for cameras to solve, Vivotek’s SNV provides an excellent tool to combat this common problem. It utilizes ultra-sensitive optical sensors to capture quality color video at all visibility levels down to 0.1 lux (very, very low lux). In addition, advanced signal processing ensures sufficient contrast and accurate color capture. Compared to average cameras and security cameras, this technology is proven to be effective. Put simply, this technology is highly dependable in improving security cameras and video footage in low light conditions, as shown in the images below.

Do security cameras work in the dark?

All security cameras still function in low-light settings, but they may not produce effective results in the video footage. For example, a given camera that does not specifically feature SNV technology or infrared will only feature a black screen when the environment features a lack of light. Reference the dark screen on the left above for a camera without such technology.

However, many modern security cameras, like IP cameras, feature some form of infrared built-in with varying degrees of capability depending on the specific product. When looking for infrared devices, it is best to examine the level of effectiveness each provides. The levels go as follows:

  • Near infrared
  • Middle infrared
  • Far infrared

As shown, infrared may not necessarily be adaptive when considering the distance in low light or dark environments. However, as we will discuss, Vivotek’s supreme night visibility technology provides an enhanced solution for those looking for something unique and better.

Benefits of SNV technology

Compared to regular infrared options found in standard security cameras, Vivotek’s supreme night visibility feature provides an effective measure against low light areas. This technology is especially useful because instead of reverting to black and white when the environment experiences a reduced level of light, SNV keeps the video footage in color while still retaining effective quality.

As referenced in another article about the technology Vivotek is implementing into their IP cameras, supreme night visibility is more effective than standard infrared and provides superior benefits as well. This type of night vision technology is incredibly unique with the capability it brings to a given security camera system. Working exceptionally well with other technologies that help a security camera system reduce and deter criminal activity.

What technology improves SNV?

Vivotek has also implemented their wide dynamic range technology alongside their supreme night visibility technology in many of their security cameras. By itself, SNV is undoubtedly formidable and applies night vision better than many traditional infrared sensors. However, with wide dynamic range technology, the camera can adapt better to each environment it is placed. For example, the combination of the two technologies provides an effective response to an environment that features differing light levels, or that is out in the open, like on street corners, storefronts, and more. Furthermore, WDR covers a broader area than what regular cameras are capable of, providing cameras with a combination of the two technologies further capability.

Another technology that pairs well with supreme night visibility is Vivotek’s Smart IR. Whereas the two technologies typically are not built into the same product, using both types of technology in different cameras in the same security camera system produces an excellently detailed result. While SNV produces excellent night vision in color, Smart IR produces further detail in confined spaces in black and white.

What products is SNV included in?

A1 Security Cameras features several Vivotek products that include supreme night visibility technology and many other advancements that benefit video footage quality. These products can be found through our search bar at the top of each page when searching specifically for “SNV” or “supreme night visibility.” In addition, we can also provide you with excellent results when you use the chat bubble and speak directly with a representative!

May 17th 2021 Matt B

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