Wireless Elevator Security Camera Kits

Wireless Elevator Security Camera Kits

Wireless elevator security camera kits are specialized packages are meant to add security and surveillance to the elevators. Easy to install and configure, these kits can make customers and staff feel secure without invading their privacy. 

Each also benefits businesses to follow safety standards further while providing customers or clients with an aspect of care easily attainable when security cameras are installed into the confined space. While an elevator might be taken for granted, it can be a point of critical importance to surveil. A1 Security can provide an especially developed package or custom request package for our customers.

Why put security cameras in elevators?

Elevators are typically used in professional environments where behavioral and safety standards are higher than ordinary. Whether in a worksite, hotel, office building, or other professional structure, security cameras are the best method to keep watch over those small spaces. Some benefits include:

  • Discouraging of criminal activity
  • Offers point of communication in crisis
  • Safety measure in case of elevator break down

A wireless elevator security camera kit can benefit any business by providing customers or clients with a safer environment even in the most compact of corners. Furthermore, the system is easy to implement thanks to how modern cameras and recorders are designed.

How do wireless elevator security camera kits work?

Most wireless elevator security camera kits use wireless security cameras to make an installation flexible while using the local wireless network already in place. If the new cameras are not added to an already existing management system, a network video recorder can be installed to manage the surveillance or at least be a temporary solution before a more complex system for the entire location.

For further information on wireless elevator security kits and more from our catalog, contact A1 Security Cameras today. Our sales team and expert professionals are ready to help you today!