IP Wireless

Network wireless equipment is used to transmit network video from one place to another without the use of cable. In the video surveillance world the transmission typically originates from an IP security camera. The most common wireless configurations are PTP (point to point) and PTMP (point to multipoint). PTP is when you have a single transmitter streaming to a receiver. PTMP is when you have several transmitters all streaming to one receiver. When choosing the right wireless equipment you need to be mindful of the bandwidth that you are trying to stream. The wireless equipment will have a limit on how much it can handle. In order to find out how much you are streaming you have to find out the bandwidth requirements of each camera you are wanting to send across the link.

If you need help designing your wireless video surveillance system then please call and speak with one our experts. We will design your system at no cost making sure that you get what you need to successfully install your wireless camera system.

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