How to Record Directly to an SD Card

  • First, log onto your security system through the internet explorer web browser. 

  • Next, click on the configuration tab.
  • Click on <Storage> and then <Storage Management>.  You will notice that the SD card says uninitialized. 

  • Click the check box to the left of the SD card. Next, click format. Let it process and it will change the status from uninitialized to normal. Your camera will now record directly to the SD card. 

  • Next step: HDD Management-> Normal

You have now adjusted your security camera to record directly to your SD card. The SD card will be over written once it fills up and will delete past footage. If you have any further questions or need any help, please contact sales at or give us a call at 214-948-1300.

Thank you!

Jun 20th 2021 Matt

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