Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet Security Cameras

When it comes to getting outdoor security cameras, there is a strong likelihood you’ve considered a bullet camera. First developed and used in the 1940s, these cameras gained immense popularity in the 1990s when they had started appearing in homes and businesses around the world. Now, these cameras have become widely popular, ranking as the third most used security camera in the world as of 2022. Excellently designed for long-distance surveillance and as an option for an outdoor camera, these devices are surely perfect for your security camera system. 

A1 Security Cameras is more than capable to help you with your system design and can help residents of Dallas Fort Worth with an easy implementation!

Bullet security cameras

How much does a bullet camera cost?

As seen in our product list, bullet cameras vary wildly in price. Analog might be the least expensive while internet protocol security cameras might be the most, but there are certainly examples in between the extremes that disprove that notion of one type being absolutely more expensive than the other. We encourage all customers to thoroughly examine each of our products, with our wide variety and range of prices, we are sure there will be the perfect fit for you!

What are bullet cameras good for?

Undoubtedly, the design that makes a bullet camera so effective is perfect for long-range viewing. Generally, the bullet camera can see objects at farther distances than other types of cameras on the market depending on the type, lens, sensor, and resolution. A1 Security Cameras suggests customers thoroughly look over each product spec sheet to make doubly sure of the capabilities of that specific camera. While we stand by each of our products, every one has specific qualities that work in different environments.

Is the bullet camera waterproof?

Depending on the design, a bullet camera may or may not be waterproof. Outdoor bullet cameras typically have resistance to weather-based and physical effects. A1 Security Cameras recommends, however, that you look into the ingress rating of each camera to make doubly sure that the camera you are considering is right for you!

Is the bullet camera movable?

After installation, bullet cameras should typically stay in place for the best possible performance out of your security camera. They can be manually repositioned to capture a better angle in a given surveillance system, but that should be done by a professional. When it comes to movement when static, some models can pivot on a scheduled basis and zoom in to capture images in greater detail. However, such a feature is specific to a given model of bullet camera.

What is the difference between PTZ and bullet cameras?

Unlike their dome counterpart, PTZ and bullet cameras are generally used outside to achieve a greater field of view for faraway objects with standard quality being effective. As the name suggests, a bullet camera typically features a bullet-shaped design that stretches out from its mount in contrast to the PTZ which hands down, but typically hangs downward and has a 360-degree coverage of its surroundings. Bullet cameras are typically better for capturing farther away objects while the alternative can do so, but can also be controlled to focus on specific instances that go on around its given field of view.

Are bullet cameras good?

When it comes to outdoor surveillance and long-range quality, bullet cameras typically are the best option for any home or business owner. These cameras allow a surveillance system fantastic quality and give all of the benefits a business will need to keep watch over its exterior. Furthermore, these cameras typically have a durable exterior, making them resistant to weather and impact. A1 Security Cameras has made several installations that include these cameras and can make one for you too if you are a resident of Dallas Fort Worth!