Video Recorders

Video Recorders

If security cameras are the backbone of a security system, then the surveillance video recorders is the brain. Video recorders are available in 2 basic types: The Digital video recorder (DVR) and the Network video recorder (NVR) and allow the information your security cameras capture to be stored for later use. For homes or businesses using multiple security cameras, utilizing a Digital video recorder or Network video recorder allows for storage of the images and video you and your cameras have worked so hard to capture.

Why buy Surveillance Video Recorders?

Video recorders are available in 4-channels, up to 32 or more channels and the amount of storage space goes into the terabytes. Security camera recorders are not limited to two types. They come in many shapes and forms. Some powerful security cameras even have built in DVRs which use SD cards to store still images and high definition video. For more advanced applications, a more power solution is available. A security camera recorder is fundamentally the same as a computer. For this reason, computers of many kinds can be converted into recorders.

What is the capacity of the Video Recorders?

A desktop computer can be upgraded with an analog capture card to record traditional security cameras. A powerful laptop can be retrofitted with surveillance software to accept the latest IP cameras. Some video recorders have the ability to record both. These systems, called hybrid DVRs, take advantage of both technologies by employing a computer capture card and NVR software to record both analog and network cameras. These systems are best for large buildings which might not need high definition surveillance in all areas but needs megapixel cameras in some. A warehouse might only need analog cameras in the loading area to see if a dock is ready for the next truck. If the warehouse office handles money, a business owner might want high definition cameras near the safe where money is handled.

Why buy is video recorders from A1 Security Cameras?

If you do not know the exact model you need, or have questions, please contact one of our video recorder experts to receive free and “no obligation” help. They are here to help. Help selecting the right unit for you is available via phone or through our free chat feature.