License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras

We offer a wide range of license plate cameras to work with virtually any recorder. Let us help you capture more evidence. Our LPR cameras are the most reliable license plate recognition systems in the nation. Choosing the right LPR camera will help you track down vehicles and individuals associated with a crime.

The difference between a Regular camera and an LPR camera?

We get a lot of customers who ask "what is the difference between a security camera and license plate recognition camera?". The difference between license plate capture cameras and regular security cameras is that the LPR cameras can process movement (vehicle speed), lighting (very bright lights or not bright enough), and distance (lens) faster and better than a regular camera.

We've all seen the video of washed out license plates on regular cameras.

In the image below you can see the difference between a successful license plate capture and a washed out plate on a non LPR camera. The image on the right is pretty straight forward. The area is dark and the camera needs IR to see so the image appears washed out. On the right the true LPR camera is able to stay in color mode due to the ambient lighting in the background across the street. The LPR camera can see licenses plates in either environment (pitch black with IR or some ambient lighting).


We consider every detail carefully because every layout is different. Send us your drawing or address and we can help you design the perfect system custom tailored to fit your building. We've been designing LPR systems for 10 years for our awesome customers. Save time and money by letting us share our knowledge with you. We don't charge for consultation and can send you a free quote.

CAPTURE license PLATES clearly. Day or Night.

Our LPR cameras have powerful processors so you can capture thousands of plates quickly and efficiently to increase safety. Our cameras never miss a beat by constantly scanning so you never miss a plate. We have cameras for low speed short distance to high speed long distance.

Washed out plates? Regular camera blinded by head and break lights?

Having the right camera will let you go back and analyze the traffic around you. The plates captured by our cameras will be exceptionally clear even if headlights shining at the camera. When brakes are engaged tail lights can blind a regular camera. Our cameras have light suppression technology to pull license plates out from behind bright lights. applications help capture license plate information to help keep our communities safe.

  • Color Mode:Traditional LPR cameras only captured in black and white. We use the latest technology to let you capture license plates in color day and night with ambient lighting. If ambient light isn't available our cameras can switch to black and white and have built in IR to keep you covered in the dark too.
  • Speed: In a perfect world vehicles would stop and wait for you to capture a plate but the truth is vehicles drive at different speeds, angles, and times when lighting isn't great. Our cameras have excellent high speed sensors that can absorb a lot of light quickly making them the perfect LPR cameras for all environments.
  • Distance: We have cameras for short and long range applications. They can be used for highway traffic as well as parking lots and neighborhood monitoring. A parking lot with a gate wouldn't use the same camera as the entrance to a community or an apartment complex for example. We know the difference and we can help you choose.

Live monitoring or play it back later.

Our complete license plate camera systems will give you the ability to sit in front of the recorder and watch plates live as vehicles pass in front of the camera. If you're not always there or don't have time to monitor we have you covered too. Plates can be stored for extended periods of time and can be pulled back up to reference later using an easy to use graphical interface.

In a perfect world cars would stop and let you take a picture. We're prepared for reality.

Our cameras can capture traffic at all speeds and all angles. A parking lot with 5 entrances wouldn't use the same cameras as an apartment complex looking to cover their entrances. We have LPR cameras to fit virtually every application for both residential and commercial customers.

A License plate camera is the perfect addition to any security Camera system.

With advances in technology and high quality sensors becoming more affordable its easier than ever to add an highly effective LPR camera to your security portfolio. It used to be that only government and law enforcement were able to own high quality LPR cameras but it's no longer the case. Our cameras are compatible with all the major software and recorder manufacturers for quick and easy integration. Check to see if your recorder is compatible with our cameras.