LTS Security Cameras

LTS Security Cameras

Known for sophisticated yet affordable surveillance solutions, LTS Security produces some of the most in-demand CCTV products offered by A1 Security Cameras. Known to feature sophisticated functions like motion detection, night vision, IP67 weatherproofing, WDR, DNR, and more, LTS security cameras prove to be an effective answer to those needing an edge in security. Furthermore, the brand is known for producing LTS HD analog and LTS network options in various designs, products by this brand can be used by anyone needing commercial or residential surveillance. As an exclusive partner to A1 Security Cameras, LTS security cameras also are better supported with unlimited tech support, a three-year warranty, and several other supportive perks when purchased through our site!

Enjoy all the benefits you get when purchasing LTS security cameras from A1 Security Cameras today. For more specific information or availability of each LTS CCTV product, contact our team today!

LTS Security Cameras

Recognized Features in LTS Security Cameras

On top of being affordable for anyone needing residential and commercial CCTV surveillance, LTS security cameras offer several advantages through several internal features. Including the most popular functions in each LTS security camera, products shown here commonly feature some or all of the functions below. 

High Ingress Rating: The ingress rating is the system used to determine the environment CCTV cameras can be installed. LTS security cameras with the outdoor label commonly have IP67 and IK10 ratings that prove to be reliable in industrial and outdoor environments. Perfect for monitoring fields, parking lots, industrial areas, and more, these cameras are reliable in multiple fields needing surveillance.

LTS security cameras

LTS Connect: LTS Connect is the mobile application used to stream and manage LTS security cameras. The application provides an easy and seamless way to stream your LTS CCTV system from anywhere in the world with a decent signal. 

Motion Detection: Motion detection comes in two forms when concerning LTS security cameras. Firstly, Motion-activated recording, where each CCTV camera activates when the motion comes within its field of view. Such a setting actively saves storage space in a given recorder but activates the camera only when something or someone is detected. Secondly, the normal motion detection actively detects motion and focuses on it during the recording process. When activated, the feature can draw attention to the movement or be set to warn the owner to movement in a specific area. 

Smart Detection: Available in modern LTS CCTV cameras, smart detection differentiates between vehicles, people, and animals when using motion detection. When alerts are enabled, the owner or employees with authorization can get alerts based on the criteria personalized in the security camera system settings. Such a feature is only available in modern LTS security cameras connected to an NVR that includes video management software

Common Questions about LTS Security Cameras

Do LTS security cameras have audio?

Many LTS security cameras made in the recent decades do commonly feature one-way audio that allows sound to be added to streams and recorded video footage. LTS CCTV cameras based on analog technology are less likely to feature the function. Depending on the exact model, LTS does develop cameras with two-way audio, but it is not standard. 

LTS cameras

How do I connect my LTS camera?

LTS security cameras are easy to connect with the overall system. If you do not use a recorder and depend on the internal storage in each IP camera, simply connect the camera to the same router your computer uses. Then, download the Platinum IP Portal software from LTS, follow the instructions, and find any applicable LTS CCTV cameras through the main menu. The recorder can be done similarly, but instead of connecting to the router, you can connect directly to the recorder for a faster setup!

LTS security cameras

How do I reset my LTS camera?

LTS security cameras each feature a reset button that allows for easy wiping of previously established settings. Just turn on the camera, hold down the reset button, and wait for it to reboot before examining the settings. Your LTS CCTV camera should be reset to original settings and be ready for personalization. 

Who makes LTS security cameras?

LTS makes a minor amount of its products, with Hikvision ultimately producing the vast majority of products available throughout the market. With that mentioned, most of the CCTV hardware is manufactured in China with research and development for such products occurring in the United States. 

Are LTS cameras NDAA compliant?

Most LTS security cameras and related hardware are not compliant with the NDAA laws established in 2019 and the years hence. Due to being primarily manufactured by Hikvision, and by extension in China, most products will not be viable for federal entities or those working with the United States government. However, LTS has released its Pro-VS line of LTS security cameras that do adhere to the current restrictions and feature the most up-to-date technology.

Are LTS cameras NDAA compliant?

Are LTS cameras Onvif?

Specifically, LTS IP cameras and HD over Coax recorders can be ONVIF compliant, but only if the settings of each LTS product used are personalized to function in that regard. Due to Hikvision getting kicked out of ONVIF, there may be technical complications with LTS products in the future.

Local LTS Security Camera Installations in DFW!

Residents and business owners of Dallas Fort Worth can get LTS security cameras purchased from A1 Security Cameras installed by a professional team upon setting up an appointment. With a team made up of experienced professionals, A1 Security Cameras offers excellent installation services that personalize a system to your home or business and allow for the best possible result. Contact our installation team today to schedule your appointment and enjoy an edge added to your overall security!

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